Over 20 years ago, I went from a broke, skinny high school senior who didn’t even know how to hold a tennis racket to become an NCAA Div. 1 All-Conference college tennis player in under a year.

How did that happen?

Was it an ‘accident’?

A fluke?

It happened because time-tested principals were (unknowingly at the time) embraced and executed, so that even a skinny dork (which I definitely was) could gain some measure of what could be called ‘success’ on the tennis court.

If you’re frustrated with your tennis game, and are ready to unleash the great tennis player that is buried inside of you, then you’ve come to the right place.

What started out as a couple of YouTube videos has grown into something much more – something that Coach Mauro and I eat, sleep and breathe.

That ‘something’ is our passion about making YOU and YOUR tennis game better!

We have a lot of resources for you here at The Tennis Vault, and we have so much still to show you!

So go ahead, check out some of the success stories at the top of the page, and discover how people just like you are taking their game to the ‘next level’.

Then join the family! We always have some type of special offer running on the main page, because we want to prove to YOU that we really can help you play better tennis!

We’ve got over 10 hours of instruction in the Vault Members Area for you and we are currently editing more brand new, Hi-Definition, real-life ‘Here’s-how-you-do-it’ videos that we will be uploading to the Vault Members Area as we finish them. So we’ve got you covered.

From two people who really do care about you and your game (yes – we actually DO answer our own emails), get ready…because we’re just getting warmed up!