So, you’re a left-handed tennis player and can’t find any tennis instruction geared specifically to YOU, correct?

Well, we’ve taken care of that ๐Ÿ™‚

We have re-mastered 3 of our DVDs into LEFT-HANDED versions:

The Forehand, The One-Handed Backhand and The Two-Handed Backhand
DVDs are now available in ‘lefty’ format!

You will not find left-handed tennis instruction – especially of this caliber – ANYWHERE else but here! (trust us – we’ve checked)

Now you can discover how to start playing GREAT tennis in a lefty-friendly way!

The analogies and techniques are broken down for you WITHOUT you having to ‘convert’ your mental picture of the instruction to a lefty version – saving you time and frustration.

PLUS, you’re getting top-notch instruction from one of the best tennis instructors on the PLANET.

Scroll down and check out the products below that can start helping YOU play the best tennis of your life!


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You are sure to be enlightened (and entertained!) on your journey to discovering how to play better tennis that you ever thought you could – in a ‘lefty’ friendly way!

To YOUR Massive Tennis Success,

Coach Kyril and Coach Mauro