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DVD: Secrets of the Power Serve

Tennis Training, How To Serve In Tennis

Are you sick and tired of just ‘getting the ball in play?’

Ever wonder how the pros hit the ball so hard – and still get it to go ‘in’?

Stop wondering – and get ready to start hitting more aces – and winning more matches!

“Watch as I cut through a lot of the ‘B.S.’ you may have been taught in the past, and dive right in to getting you results – TODAY!” – Coach Kyril

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In this DVD that’s all about POWER, you’ll discover:

  • Coach Kyril’s secret to helping you ‘feel what the pros feel’ when you serve!
  • The REAL secret to how the pros hit the tennis ball with such crushing power – and how YOU can do it too!
  • The secret to ‘super-fast’ racquet head speed – and the ‘No B.S.’ way to get it!
  • Step-by-step drills, demonstrated by Coach Kyril, that show you how YOU can start hitting more aces – and winning more matches!
  • The ONLY acceptable grips to use when serving – plus WHEN and HOW to use them.
  • How to ‘unload’ on your serves (yes, it’s an actual technique!) with DEVASTATING results!
  • Plus much more!

All of the above, and more, for less than the cost of a tennis lesson!

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