Tennis Training, How To Serve In Tennis

Are you sick and tired of just ‘getting the ball in play?’

Ever wonder how the pros hit the ball so hard – and still get it to go ‘in’?

Stop wondering – and get ready to start hitting more aces – and winning more matches!

“Watch as I cut through a lot of the ‘B.S.’ you may have been taught in the past, and dive right in to getting you results – TODAY!” – Coach Kyril

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In this DVD that’s all about POWER, you’ll discover:

  • Coach Kyril’s secret to helping you ‘feel what the pros feel’ when you serve!
  • The REAL secret to how the pros hit the tennis ball with such crushing power – and how YOU can do it too!
  • The secret to ‘super-fast’ racquet head speed – and the ‘No B.S.’ way to get it!
  • Step-by-step drills, demonstrated by Coach Kyril, that show you how YOU can start hitting more aces – and winning more matches!
  • The ONLY acceptable grips to use when serving – plus WHEN and HOW to use them.
  • How to ‘unload’ on your serves (yes, it’s an actual technique!) with DEVASTATING results!
  • Plus much more!

All of the above, and more, for less than the cost of a tennis lesson!

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