Tennis Tips: The Forehand Wrist Snap

In this tennis tips video, Coach Mauro shows you exactly HOW you should be snapping your wrist when hitting a modern forehand – and more importantly, what you should NOT be doing when attempting to add more power and topspin to your forehand shots.


  • Eduardo Casarin usptr since 1982

    December 11, 2011

    Dear mauro and kryill
    I have been teaching since 1974 aprox in canada, united states, Mexico, south America and been very lucky to travel with Vilas, Borg Clerc, Ramirez, Wilander and learn so many things but let me congratulate you guys because have found so many great info that you guys are sharing in a very easy way , methods in learning this beautiful game don’t stop and shows us that you never stop learning no matter how good you are there is always something you learn in our daily lives thanks very you’re friend Eduardo keep the good work

  • johnboon

    November 14, 2011

    Thanks Coach Mauro for illustrating the ‘wrist snap’. Previously I did not understand the wrist snap concept and thought it was like a ‘windshield wiper’ motion. Your illustration was superb. I can now hit the ball much faster and within the perimeter of the court. You have been a great help.

  • Jack

    October 27, 2011

    I have far too many students who will think they are doing this movement correctly, when in fact they are “playing pinball”…I can’t wait to go out and try this!! You are the BEST!! Your friend, Jack!!

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