A Blast From The Past!

Will the instruction you get here at the tennis vault stay with you? Will it ‘stick’? Read below and then check out Rodrigo’s strokes that he learned from Coach Mauro almost 3 decades ago:

“I was 10 years old when I met Mauro. I was very sick and needed to do any type physical activity, and tennis seemed to be the best at that moment. In a few classes that necessity became a passion, because Mauro showed me the beauty of the game and made the best of me on court.

I became cured and continued having classes with him for 4 years more. During this time, he designed my way of playing, specially my backhand. But after, he went to live in the United States and unfortunately we lost contact with each other.
Now it’s been 26 years since I met him, and we “re-found” ourselves. During this time I became a lazy weekend player. But every time I go to the tennis courts people ask me: “How did you get these strokes?!” …and I always answer:
“Well, when I was a kid, I had a tennis coach…”
It’s a great honor to see how great he’s done in the sport that he loves so much, after watching the very beginning of his fantastic career. If he did what he did with me, not only teach me how to play, but to also love the game and use this love in life, I can only imagine that he’s gotten better and better until today.

That’s the guy I met, always trying to get better as a professional, and, specially, as a human being. THE Coach!! (Sorry my poor English, but the comment is from the heart!!)

– Rodrigo Contro

From Coach Mauro:

Down in South America doing my 1st Brazilian Tour, and the 3rd city  after being in Recife city and the island city of Ilhabela, is the big metropolis Sao Paulo.  Here I’m with my dear ex-student from the past for  two days for total scanning and revamping of all basic strokes, Rodrigo Contro. Very much a special story happened between us, as we go back to 1985, when he was just a kid still and coming out of serious health treatment, chemotherapy for his cancer which he did beat, then decided to play tennis as his sport, and still does to this day!


What do you think YOU could do with the proper instruction, and a game-changing transformation what will stay with you forever?

I’m betting A LOT!

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