Total Beginner Hitting A GREAT Forehand (And a One-Handed Backhand!) In Just 1 Hour!

I met Carlos who lives in London through a mutual friend Rafael, a Tennis Vault Member for 2 years now! He told me that Carlos wanted to start playing tennis. He was going to take Carlos to buy his first racket, a gift from his girlfriend (which I thought was cool) and asked me if I would help out and jump start him in the right direction, put him on the correct tracks so he could practice what he learned on his own and they’d be able to play together. In just a couple of hours Carlos was hitting both his forehand and his one-handed backhand (which he chose after trying both kinds) very well already, first time ever in his life and the videos will show that it’s just a matter of some time practicing for him to become a good tennis player. Welcome to the sport Carlos, enjoy yourself!! Check him out! 🙂

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