The Power of ‘Why’

question-markChapter Seven


“A man can bear any ‘how’ if he has a big enough ‘why’.”

– Friedrich Nietszche

Now that you have focused on discovering the key elements of your game that you need improve on in order to succeed on the court, you are going to lay the groundwork you need to enslave your enemy and make him do some work for you.

We are now going to turn our attention to why you want to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve on the court.

So what is your ‘why’?

What are the reasons and motivations behind wanting to get that awesome backhand or that killer second serve?

Find out why you want to do whatever it is you want to do.

It is not enough to say “Because I want to win.”

Of course you want to win.

But ‘why’ do you want to win?

Make your ‘why’ stand out.

Do you want respect from the other players at the club?

Do you want to move up your league ladder?

Do you want to make it to the state tournament, or nationals?

What are the benefits of achieving your ‘why’?

If you can put some important answers to the question of the ‘why’ behind your goals, you will have that much more will to do the things you need to do in order to achieve those goals.

Don’t blow this off.

The power of ‘why’ will keep you going when all else fails.

Write down your ‘why’s.


Do it.


Finding your ‘why’ is the most powerful thing you can do to increase your ‘will skills’, which we’ll delve into in the next installment of this series!


  • Stephen Salter

    June 28, 2015

    I want to win a set off my Dentist.

    I’m 5 years older than his father and I know it will be done
    by improving my game not thru my physical efforts but
    Thru my mental toughness and improved skills.

  • susan

    March 1, 2014

    i love the feeling of mastery! I love the feeling of hitting a beautiful shot that just feels so good. and then it goes where i send it. I love working on skills, and i love improving, and staying fit…. and never having to stop playing!

    I want to keep playing, even though many people my age are no longer able to play, or fit enough.

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