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What Is Focus?

focusChapter One


“I try to learn from the past, but I plan for the future by focusing exclusively on the present. That’s where the fun is.” – Donald Trump

You may or may not like Donald Trump, but two things about
him are obvious:

1) Dude loves what he does, and

2) Dude is very good at it.

What does that quote have to do with [click to continue…]

China Open Tennis“Beating Pete Sampras & smashing tennis rackets…”

One of those was done by my old college teammate
Adriano Ferreira, and the other by… well…A LOT of people – including ol’ Adriano himself.

After one particularly bad day on the practice court,
Adriano confessed to me:

“I thought I’d be a lot further along by now.”

Adriano was from [click to continue…]

Watch this and then tell me you “can’t do it”.

It’s all up to YOU.

Go gitcha some…

I’m back on the court showing you a drill you should be doing to improve your timing! No partner? No problem! Get out there and do this drill to hone your timing and YOU will start hitting your forehands better than ever before! Don’t blow this off! Drills like this groove your strokes and force you to create your own pace on the ball, which allows you to ‘go for it’ more often on short balls as well. Doom on your opponents, and hooray for you! :-) Not sure about the fundamentals of YOUR forehand? Coach Mauro and I have broken it all down for you into five easy-to-discover steps that will have you pounding technically sound forehands that will have your opponents begging for mercy! Go here to start pounding YOUR forehand today!

There are MANY jobs that your non-hitting arm has to do if you are going to play your best tennis! In this video, Coach Mauro is going to break some of them down for you – so that YOU can start playing tennis better than you ever thought you could!