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(Available to travel all 50 States in the USA & also have gone/willing to go International)

Dear tennis Mauro here...with something very special to offer you 🙂

-Do you wanna learn the Correct Tennis Stroke-Mechanics from scratch??

-Do you Fully Understand the Correct Stroke-Mechanics you are Trying To Do??

-Do you “At Least” Fully Understand The Strokes that you Have Right Now??

-Do you practice over and over, and over, and still “can’t Get It Right consistently??”

-Do you feel a big confusion in your head about all different possible ways that
you could be hitting the tennis ball according to what you’ve learned so far??

-In other words, do you feel like “All” that you have tried so far just hasn’t really
helped you reach “Your True Potential” as a tennis player till this day??

-Do you want to FIX All The Problems with your Tennis Strokes very fast??

-Or, in other words, do you just want to improve drastically in a very short time??

If you are willing to work with me on it, “I Can Come To Work With You In Person!!”

Wherever you are on this Planet, we can work out a Special Tennis Trip just for you
and family members and friends to have “In Person Teaching and/or Coaching” from
yours truly Coach Mauro Marcos.

I love traveling to new places helping new people!!

For the past 7 years I have corrected (revamped) all main strokes of hundreds of tennis students traveling all over the USA, a few countries in Europe and in South America.

It's been a lot of fun, and a priceless feeling of joy to always get tremendous fast results, it's awesome to enjoy 100% customer/student satisfaction.

Part of the "package" is: we make videos of the strokes "before & after" the lessons, and the comparisons are always incredible to see on video, dramatic improvement!!

So dear tennis lover, if you would like to understand better how it works for you to make it happen (CMOTR) and meet with me in person to fix all your strokes, please just send me an email, your location, and a bit of your tennis story and I'll get back to you for us to see if we can put it together, it has worked out for hundreds of students!

I look forward to hearing from you, and promise you that you won't regret it if it works out for me to travel to where you are for lessons, nobody ever has; results always!!

Below are few reviews from a few past students, so you can read about the quality of Tennis Instruction you are going to be getting, you will feel the energy that surrounds my tennis work…ever since I started coaching…and forever will !!


mauromarcostennis [at]



"...connect with coach Mauro and you have for sure gone to the right place!!"

Hi guys,

Firstly, I hardly ever write reviews, however, after my experience with coach Mauro I am compelled to write this review...

Mauro in my eyes is not a tennis coach but a tennis specialist and a tennis technician, who observes all your tennis strokes and comes up with analogies to put right what's wrong.

I can go as far as to say, and using my own analogy; "it's like being sent to a specialist by your Dr. (your Dr. being your current coach) to address ailments he or she cannot deal with and needs a specialist with fresh eyes.

I use the headline above Tennis Clinic, rather than tennis coaching sessions as this is what I feel for me fits the bill and does what is said on the can.

Mauro's first assessment is to talk with the individual to find out where he or she is at on a mental and psychological tennis level. What is his or her's understanding of Tennis in general and of their basic ground strokes. I found this initial chat and assessment extremely beneficial, as it helped me to put into perspective what I thought I knew I understood about my ground strokes and tennis in general.

Then the magic begins...

He asked to film my forehand and my backhand in its current state. Because I knew I was being filmed, I did everything within my power to remember everything my coach's had taught me over the 7 years I have been playing, and I did just that!

Then the magic really begins!!

The breakdown of what he had observed and the analogies to make sure that I completely understood what he wanted me to do "and why", and also what he didn't want me to do "and why" also, emphasizing what he "did" want me to do "and why".

That is and was it!!

It was like someone holding a mirror up to you and showing you what you were wearing and were not wearing, rather than what you thought you were wearing!! (are you still with me guys?!)...

In summary:

If you are looking for a coach, there are thousands to choose from, however, if you would like to see a specialist to address the tennis ailments that are plaguing you over the years, then yes, connect with coach Mauro and you have for sure gone to the right place!!

The results:

My forehand is stronger now, grounded with minimal effort.

My two-handed backhand is stronger also, and grounded with minimal effort too.

Volleys, serve and slices, are all done with complete knowledge of "how to do it and why", and also "what not to do and why"!!

The grand finale is:

After only 3 sessions, not only has he completely changed my ground strokes, serve, volley and my whole game but he will also be there for me at any time in the future whenever I need him. We have already had a couple of exchanges using WhatsApp!!

Mauro has given me homework to do, so I can etch my body's muscle memory into the new way on all my strokes, and how I should meet the ball (balance & timing) with my ground strokes.

The way for me to achieve that and get my money's worth and the results I am now reaping is:

"Practice, practice, practice!

Thank you Mauro for sharing your expertise and for being you!! I look forward to next time!

Kind regards,

Stanley Browne
Actor (Movie, Theater & TV)
London UK

"Mauro could teach COWS how to play Tennis!"

Not too long ago, a friend asked me who the "Italian tennis teacher guy' by the name of Mauro was and what I could tell her about his tennis abilities? I quickly called her back and told her that Mauro was Brazilian, number one, and that Mauro could teach “COWS” how to play tennis.

As far as I was concerned, I told her, there was NO ONE who could teach tennis better than Mauro, and stand by what I say. I am 50 years old, I have played tennis since I was 18, I have taken countless private lessons, group lessons, college lessons, tour lessons… and the list continues.

No instructor has ever been able to catch, in a matter of hours as he did (two max), why I was hitting a wall, and why I was not improving. I had given up playing as it had become “zero fun.”

I could tell that I was doing something fundamentally wrong and no instructor could determine what it was; the focus kept being on turning, moving, closing…Mauro made me visualize and named my handicap for me in one sentence, which was affecting (imagine that!), my forehand and backhand, and therefore the whole game.

Within a few lessons, I have become a totally different player, doted with speed and strength, loving the game and looking forward to how much more I can learn now that the wall has been torn down thanks to this incredible teacher. Why aren’t there more Mauro’s around, I wonder??!?

– Lauretta Zucchetti


"Whoever has Mauro as an instructor should feel lucky!"

Austin, my Twelve Year Old son, said the following: “I think Mauro is a great tennis teacher, because he taught me that tennis is not only about the strokes, (which is important), it’s also about moving your feet, and thinking about what you are going to do.

Mauro taught me that the game is more than just about winning. He taught me how to be a good sport, how to keep going, even when you are loosing in a match.

Mauro knows how to explain things in a way that always everyone understands. He would work me hard, make me laugh, and he helped me love tennis. What he taught me on the court I take away and use it in everyday life. I will always remember Mauro. Whoever has Mauro as an instructor should feel lucky! Thanks Mauro!

- Austin Baker


"He tuned my tennis strokes to perfection!"

Bowen, my Fourteen Year Old son, said the following: “Mauro is a great tennis coach for so many different reasons. And with a constant flow of encouragement, he taught me the skills I needed to become a great player.

He tuned my tennis strokes to perfection! He is a good guy. He has a great personality, and he is a gift to any Tennis Club. Thank you Mauro!”

– Stuart Baker, Austin and Bowen’s father


" instructor like no other!"

Mauro’s method of teaching with analogies is so effective that I feel like light bulbs are lighting up all around me throughout our lessons. He makes so much sense!! That, coupled with his enthusiasm for seeing me improve, makes him an instructor like no other! My kids (ages 7 & 9) have also taken lessons from Mauro and his teaching approach is just as effective with kids.

– Beverly Kelly


"...the best instructor of tennis I have ever seen!"

Mauro Marcos is by far, without comparison, the best instructor of tennis I have ever seen! It became apparent to me after about 15 minutes into our first lesson. He was different. He immediately pinpointed my stroke mechanics and corrected my technique. I know his corrections were good because when I played like he instructed, my game felt much more natural and effortless.

After Mauro, I felt as if I was playing a different sport. This form of tennis was full of grace and power. I felt much more confident, but naturally so. My body was doing the work and not my frustrated brain.

Mauro teaches tennis using all the contemporary techniques of the current tour players. He combines his years of experience with his very current grasp of today’s contemporary power game.

My lessons with Mauro are truly the highlight of my week. He takes the time to explain the game, both the physical techniques, but more importantly, the mental side of the game. He explains things in ways that are very unique and extremely vivid (funny too); trust me when I say that there is no one like him out there.

I have worked with many teachers and coaches . I can unequivocally recommend Mauro Marcos to anyone. I will go so far as to say that I feel very lucky to have been one of his students. I know the benefits of my time with Mauro will last a lifetime. He has given to me the gift of tennis.

– Chris Coomber, Chestnut Company


"You are the best tennis coach ever Mauro!"

A lot of good things in life don’t last long enough…my tennis lessons with Mauro are one example. I enjoyed them sooo much, I learned all I know about tennis, and I miss his lessons dearly.

Unfortunately, we live in opposite parts of the country now.

The best testimony I can give about him, is to say that whenever I am able to hit some balls, it seems like his words of advice are still fresh in my mind, as I can still hear him telling me what and how to do it.

You are the best tennis coach ever Mauro!

Wish we lived closer again, my children and I would certainly take lessons.

  - Marta Bradley