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From #5 In The NCAA To A Pro Tournament Final!

Thanks so much for all your video lessons sent to me. As you know, I am myself a tennis coach and all three of my kids played Div I college tennis with full scholarships at top tennis schools: Michigan, Illinois and Dayton.

My youngest one, Denise Muresan (ranked # 5 in singles and #8 in doubles in NCAA Div 1) is now playing on the pro circuit. On July 25th of this year (2011), Denise was a finalist at St. Joseph, Mo in a $10,000 pro tournament (The Heartland Clinic Women’s Tennis Classic).

I am using so many tips from your tennis instruction, not only with Denise, but also with my own tennis students. Your lessons are so smart, simple and logical that any beginner player can improve tremendously.

I really do appreciate so much what you guys are doing to improve American tennis.”


Nick Muresan

"Mauro could teach COWS how to play Tennis!"

Not too long ago, a friend asked me who the "Italian tennis teacher guy' by the name of Mauro was and what I could tell her about his tennis abilities? I quickly called her back and told her that Mauro was Brazilian, number one, and that Mauro could teach “COWS” how to play tennis.

As far as I was concerned, I told her, there was NO ONE who could teach tennis better than Mauro, and stand by what I say. I am 50 years old, I have played tennis since I was 18, I have taken countless private lessons, group lessons, college lessons, tour lessons… and the list continues.

No instructor has ever been able to catch, in a matter of hours as he did (two max), why I was hitting a wall, and why I was not improving. I had given up playing as it had become “zero fun.”

I could tell that I was doing something fundamentally wrong and no instructor could determine what it was; the focus kept being on turning, moving, closing…Mauro made me visualize and named my handicap for me in one sentence, which was affecting (imagine that!), my forehand and backhand, and therefore the whole game.

Within a few lessons, I have become a totally different player, doted with speed and strength, loving the game and looking forward to how much more I can learn now that the wall has been torn down thanks to this incredible teacher. Why aren’t there more Mauro’s around, I wonder??!?

– Lauretta Zucchetti

"Whoever has Mauro as an instructor should feel lucky!"

Austin, my Twelve Year Old son, said the following: “I think Mauro is a great tennis teacher, because he taught me that tennis is not only about the strokes, (which is important), it’s also about moving your feet, and thinking about what you are going to do.

Mauro taught me that the game is more than just about winning. He taught me how to be a good sport, how to keep going, even when you are loosing in a match.

Mauro knows how to explain things in a way that always everyone understands. He would work me hard, make me laugh, and he helped me love tennis. What he taught me on the court I take away and use it in everyday life. I will always remember Mauro. Whoever has Mauro as an instructor should feel lucky! Thanks Mauro!

- Austin Baker

"He tuned my tennis strokes to perfection!"

Bowen, my Fourteen Year Old son, said the following: “Mauro is a great tennis coach for so many different reasons. And with a constant flow of encouragement, he taught me the skills I needed to become a great player.

He tuned my tennis strokes to perfection! He is a good guy. He has a great personality, and he is a gift to any Tennis Club. Thank you Mauro!”

– Stuart Baker, Austin and Bowen’s father

" of my most influential coaching mentors"

I have had the pleasure of calling Mauro my friend for 20 years, (1989/Sarasota, Florida). He’s also been one of my most influential coaching mentors as well. His use of analogies and understanding of the body and it’s capabilities/limitations is second to none.

His lessons were always upbeat, fun, and challenging. He infused a lot of energy and athleticism (flying backhand!!) into every hour he taught. I always marveled at his ability to approach each lesson like it was the first of the day, even after 6-8 hours on the court. Mauro is a great tennis professional, but a greater friend!! Thank you!!

– Jack Bailey, Avila Golf & Country Club, Tampa, Florida

" instructor like no other!"

Mauro’s method of teaching with analogies is so effective that I feel like light bulbs are lighting up all around me throughout our lessons. He makes so much sense!! That, coupled with his enthusiasm for seeing me improve, makes him an instructor like no other! My kids (ages 7 & 9) have also taken lessons from Mauro and his teaching approach is just as effective with kids.

– Beverly Kelly

"...the best instructor of tennis I have ever seen!"

Mauro Marcos is by far, without comparison, the best instructor of tennis I have ever seen! It became apparent to me after about 15 minutes into our first lesson. He was different. He immediately pinpointed my stroke mechanics and corrected my technique. I know his corrections were good because when I played like he instructed, my game felt much more natural and effortless.

After Mauro, I felt as if I was playing a different sport. This form of tennis was full of grace and power. I felt much more confident, but naturally so. My body was doing the work and not my frustrated brain.

Mauro teaches tennis using all the contemporary techniques of the current tour players. He combines his years of experience with his very current grasp of today’s contemporary power game.

My lessons with Mauro are truly the highlight of my week. He takes the time to explain the game, both the physical techniques, but more importantly, the mental side of the game. He explains things in ways that are very unique and extremely vivid (funny too); trust me when I say that there is no one like him out there.

I have worked with many teachers and coaches . I can unequivocally recommend Mauro Marcos to anyone. I will go so far as to say that I feel very lucky to have been one of his students. I know the benefits of my time with Mauro will last a lifetime. He has given to me the gift of tennis.

– Chris Coomber, Chestnut Company

"...the instruction you guys give is priceless!"

*Greg said

Coach Kyril,
I’ve watched a ton of instruction on line – some good, some not so good – but never superb…until I ran across your videos. Now that you’ve teamed up with Mauro, the instruction you guys give is priceless! I’m picking up the game again after a 25 year absence and your tips have helped me tremendously. The game is really becoming enjoyable for me as I am learning to hit better and primarily, I have you to thank for it.

Keep up the good work! I eagerly look forward to your next offerings.

"...BEST video I have ever seen on the mechanics of the forehand."

*Rahul said

This video on forehand preparation is without doubt the BEST video I have ever seen on the mechanics of forehand. I have met dozens and dozens of tennis coaches and have played tennis for over 20 years (NTRP 5.0) and let me tell you, I feel like I have learned a new thing today after watching this video.

If this coach was accessible, I would be willing to pay him to get more pointers. And I am sure tons more people who have ever played tennis would be more than happy to do the same.

I am desperately searching for your training video on one-hand backhand. I really hope to find one.

Thank you so much for your kind service. You are doing a world of good to the tennis community.

I wish you the very best in all your efforts.

*angela said
..Another practical and very useful instructional video!!
Thanks so much! Keep ‘em coming!!!!!!!!

*Steve said
Many great tips in this video. I’ve used the bowling idea with students, and it works great. Thanks Mauro for your great instruction!

*Jack Bailey said
AWESOME!! Beautiful backhands, excellent camera angles, and easy to understand technique!! Coach Mauro has a world class backhand and a world class presentation!! NO ONE explains stroke mechanics like Mauro!! Thanks, Coach!!


*Andre said
Coach, Part 2, forehand was getting very good. I was disappointed at the end, only that it ended, but I felt encouraged for more.

*prasert said
very best.mucho mucho good coach mauro.

*eric carlson said
Great drills, along w/all the others you taught me from the “inside” videos a couple of years ago…i will rip you off and start teaching the right to left foot drill asap…

One thing I notice w all great servers is that we really start from a very balanced position ..raquet about 90 degrees to forearm, left hand/ball at throat, balance forward on left foot...then add this video and “crack”.

*alexei said
Thank you Kyril! You have a name very frequent in my country. So it is one more reason I believe you and hope to improve my tennis

*Theo said
Juicy Video, just as others from this one of the kind coach Pure Awesome! Straight to the problem of my serve, try to hit real hard but only a chicken strength come out, elbow hurting, shoulder hurting, knee breaking apart, back seems falling apart, ball flying everywhere, lose matches. To top everything, opponents are laughing at my face. This video solved it all, showed how to give me the serve i wanted Sincere thanks to you Mr Kyril from a vietnamese.

*eric carlson said
hey coach,
loving the vault….. Its my study first thing every morning before work!
have you sent the dvd package for joining yet?
Cant wait to share w my wife…

*John Francois said
Hi Kyril thanks for the great video I have been aware of pronation for a while now but your video has pulled all the pieces together for me.

I now know what I am doing right when I am serving real big and have the tools to make my serve consistently bigg.

One other thing do you have any videos on serve and volley and in particular how to move correctly to the net so you are on balance for volleys?

Thanks again

John Francois (Havelock North, New Zealand)

Hi there! Thank you very much guys for doing this for us!
Keep it up!

*Paulo said
Hello coach Mauro , I just saw some of your videos. I was speechless,
you are monumental, you are the boss.
I’m from Portugal, Europe, I would like to ask you for a help to my forehand.

Best regards,


*Jim Driscoll said
Hi Mauro! I love the new site and the final version of our video…very cool! FYI Char’s serve is totally ingrained and she is like a robot, hardly misses! It went from her worst stroke and her biggest excuse for not playing (“I can’t serve, just want you to know that”, was her mantra before she played anyone), to solid as a rock. I played doubles with my brother the other day and he said my volley was “awesome”, we’re having lots of fun, Char wishes she lived in CA cause its getting cold here and time to go indoors, not as fun for her.

Thanks again for all your help, hope you have a sold out trip for December wish we could make it, but we hope you are still in CA in next year because we want to come again…

Hope all is well, we will be sure to stay in touch!!

Jim Driscoll

*Rodrigo Contro said
Today a I had a "deja vú"...25 years ago Mauro lost mounths trying to teach me the one hand backhand and I felt frustraded because I didn't get the points as fast as I wanted... But with patince and perseverance, as every great and special teacher, he made th one hand backhand may best shot... whatching these videos today I came back in time and remember why I have a decent backhand and also could see that Mauro developed other ways to make to make this shot even better, efficient and bealty! Great to remind and learn more, Coach!

*Jack said
I need to book some court time with Coach Mauro!! Noticeable improvement in all areas…Now comes the practice!! An athlete like that will be playing 4.0 tennis in no time, for sure!! (Be disciplined, diligent, determined, and most importantly delighted!! GREAT JOB, JEFF!!)

*Rodrigo Contro said
FANTASTIC! This is my favorite moviment, Mauro’s best lesson for me, when I was a kid. Great to see this variation, I’m ansious to learn the best moment to use and its secrets…

*Todd Scott said
Guys, this is awesome!

*Jack said
Whoa!…Does this bring back memories…Sarasota,FL… 1989…our new junior coach Mauro “floating” around the court, hitting these “Air Backhands”!! Well, 21 years, you STILL get altitude!! Ridiculous! This is definitely the coolest stroke I’ve ever seen!!
Mauro has GREAT balance when hitting the ball, but to see him do this 2-3 ft off the ground? Mauro, you make the impossible look so easy!! (VERY technical stroke here!! To prepare, jump, and swing while 2-3 ft off the ground is TOUGH!!)
Mauro, maybe 20 less lbs and 10 less yrs, and I’d be able to do this shot!! (Who am I kidding!?)
It’s about time the WORLD gets audience with your Air Backhand!!

*Jotabe said
Hi Mauro I am from Brazil, vi seus videos de treinamento de tênis e fiquei impressionado com sua experiência. Olhando em seu site acabei descobrind oque você é Brasileiro por isto estou escrevendo em português. Tem sua história no clube de campo de Piracicaba São Paulo, muito lega ter descob erto isto e parabpens pr ser um brasileiro bem sucedido no tenis ai nos USA.
Estou n Brasil, em LOndrina PR estou aprendendo cada vez mais sobre o tênis, este esporte vibrante cheio de técnicas. Frequento um fórumde tênis no Brasil chamado adicionei o link de um ou dois videos seus neste fórum par ao pessoal ver, sobre sua técnica de swing com mais Power e recisão.
Obrigado pro disponibilizar seus videos.

*Peter said
Hi Mauro,
Thanks for all the great tips including this one – soft hands, firm wrist.

Last weekend while coaching my son (12yrs old beginner), I gave him a floor cleaning brush to hold, then I put the brush behind his racquet and pushed the bristles through the strings – like a giant toothbrush. He could imagine the initial ball contact feeling soft; then quite firm. He immediately started hitting the ball about 3 metres deeper yet still with great feel, control and top spin. This also helps you to “reach out” and feel the first contact sooner i.e. in front .

I have also used the visual metaphor of reaching way forward and painting the practice wall in front with a wide sweeping rainbow arc – works for me!

*Jack said
It amazes me that people will try to play this game loosey-goosey, and wonder why the can’t get the ball to go where they want it to. Great accuracy/directional explanation, Mauro!! Your the best!!

*Anonymous said
I could not wait to get off the court to send a note to Mauro.
I played high school and college tennis (never to my satisfaction) and have been struggling with a modern game having been taught in the 80’s.
I have made a significant financial and time commitment to be the tennis player I have longed to be. I have been struggling with my forehand (most of my life if I were to be honest). Yesterday, I watched all of the videos on the forehand and it made a huge difference for me today. I love my tennis pro, he is the best that i have ever had. Now, I feel that Mauro’s tips, combined with my active training, I have a chance. A million thanks Mauro. Really, a million thanks.

*Peter said
This is a wonderful video and I too am in awe of the “magic” of how Mauro got her to drop her racquet lower. Seems like just observing can work wonders! I have just recently used the idea of a large paintbrush that I “dip” into a paint-filled container carried behind my back. I noticed that a lower, slower “dip” of the paintbrush behind my back lengthens the service swing and gives heaps more spin and power. Also, after landing, the ball bounces up differently.

*Jack said
…and the information just keeps getting better!!! Marvelous reference to “The Inner Game of Tennis”, as well. Too much judgment of our mistakes, and not enough trust in our ability to learn something new!! GREAT job, guys!!

*Jack said
Chess vs Checkers!! Great stuff!! Swingpath exercises are simply the best!! Mauro is forever the showman!! I want to see the flying backhand!! Ciao’


*steve said
Good stuff all about taking the ball early and weight transfer.

*Tom Antion said
I can’t wait for you two guys to visit Virginia Beach. I know my game will greatly improve. This video is a good example of how tiny changes can mean a big difference not only in the quality of your shots, but your health too. Bravo!

*Joc said
The key factor here is the wrist position and contact with the ball. I was guilty of flicking my wrsit to guide the ball and control it. Wrong. I must keep a solid and stable point of contactto ensure steady, heavy and consistent ball control. Great discovery coach Mauro. I’ve never hit a more havey and sold ball until I implemented this technique. You guys know your stuff. cool.

*Jack said
Another example of Mauro’s vast knowledge of the bodies’ mechanics. Awesome stuff!! Nice contact point, and weight transfer!!

*Steven said
This video helped me more than any other video I’ve ever seen. I was about a 3.5 (NTRP) and then I watched this video and finally “got it”, that the wrist needs to be firm and not flippy. After being so intrigued, I watched the rest of the 7 parts and now I’m hitting forehands like a 4.0. All this after just one week (literally, like 5 days).

Whatever Coach Mauro says, I will obey! Haha! Please make more. Thanks so much.

*Sally said
Learning tennis is like a jig-saw,every now and then you find another piece that makes the picture and Mauro has given me the piece that was missing for the forehand,you have made me one very happy lady, mua!

*Larry said
Dear Coaches Kyril and Mauro,

I have viewed all of your current forehand instruc-
tion videos and enjoyed them and learned some im-
portant fundamentals and reinforced a lot that I
have learned over the years. I played on a major
college tennis team full scholarship and did some
teaching pro work. It appears to me that Mauro is
fundamentally teaching the ” classic ” topspin
forehand primarily using linear power and tech-
nique. Is he going to go on to the modern wind-
shield wiper forehand that Guga was famous for that
Oscar Wegner takes credit for initiating in Brazil
and spreading across the world, or do the two of
you believe that your more linear stroke is super-
ior, or are you incorporating a combination of
the two techniques. Coach Mauro does throw in a
little windshield wiper in a couple of videos, but
continuously focuses on closed stance and big
linear step into the ball with the linear stroke
he demonstrates down the deuce court doubles alley.
Does a true winshield wiper forehand hit not only
and thru the ball but also across the ball?
Thanks for your help.

*SK said
Excellent progress. Wish you post similar instruction for other strokes as well.

*Jack said
Both guys showed great improvement!! These guys don’t seem too worried about “linear” momentum. I guess for the more advanced player or junior, the videos may seem tame. Less than 1% of ALL people who play tennis make a college team, let alone play on the ATP tour. These videos are GOLD!! Keep up the good work!!

*Peter said
After 2 lessons Mauricio’s swing is morphing into Mauro’s. At this rate after 4 lessons he will become a pro! Mauricio->Maurico->Maurio->Mauro.

*Randy Reitmeyer said
That set of forehand video instructions is the most detailed, and best, I have reviewed. Rob said it best…he tells you what, how and why and dramatizes the process with memory hints. Very clever…very useful.

One question I have is…how can we progressively practice these techniques using a wall?

I would suggest that you could package this set of modern forehand techniques with some practice drills into an affordable DVD…like you have done with the Serve.

*Jack Bailey said
Excellent video clip!! Mauro IS an artist!! Rob’s testimonial says it ALL!!

*edward said
i used the stuff you talked about in my tennis class today… and damn things were rocking, i should pay you instead…… thanks so much, you really broke it down to the details.

*mons said
Hat’s out to you coach Kyril, this set of clips has to be the most detailed description of a forehand I’ve ever seen, and I’ve looked at many instruction videos! I also think you should package it to an affordable dvd, Mauro is truly a legend!

*SK said
This is a great coaching video. Any idiot can make things complex, it takes a genius to make thing simple..

*philippe said
bravo messieurs! pour la clarté de vos explications.

*abhimanyu said
exceptional,no words for it .mauro is the master of techniches truly a remembarable coach.thanks for it ,truly improved my topspin. Rob is also a good player!

*Rodrigo Contro said
About the forehand: datails. That’s what Mauro makes you see when you think that you know how to do your movements even when he teached it to you many years ago. And everything became more clear, especially that everythig can change even when you think that can’t. And mkes a hudge difference! Great tips, a time travel, with the benefits of the modernity! Tks!

*Nelzy said
Les informations et les détails techniques du coach Mauro sur le coup SONT UNE droit d’rares précision! .. MAIS les mettrent en place C’Est UNE !…. Autre Histoire

*abhimanyu said
right rodrigo.he tells you the details.truly a great man .

*CP Tanis said
Hi Mauro, Kyril

Excellent video instruction. Never thought that I could improve my fh so dramatically. I’m truly inspired and that’s the best feeling there is…

*Ron said
Outstanding series on the forehand! It’s really helping me to get some topspin (been hitting flat and hard for 35 years)!

*Tom said
Coach Mauro — smoothest stroke I have ever seen. Like watching Pedro Martinez pitch!

*Joc said
Unbeliveable wealth of information. Thank YOU guys. For sharing such invaluable tips. I can’t wait to try all the steps you shared in this segment of hitting a forehand straight or windshield wiper.

Mauro sure looks smooth and executes the shot with an effortless mien. I want to hit like him. How does he hit high and low balls? Is it the same pattern?


*tennisfreak said
thanks that really helped. Are you going to do another set of videos like this for the backhand? Which do you perfer Mauro 2handed or 1handed backhand?

*Jack Bailey said
Again, I can’t say enough great things about Mauro’s teaching. With his extensive background, tutoring both the weekend warrior and the world class junior, Mauro consistently gets results!! And, yes…that’s one smooth forehand!! (Can’t wait for the backhand!!)

*Diego said

This is great coach, can’t wait for the next video about hitting with more power and topspin!

I’m from argentina, be very proud of your work, it’s known worldwide.

*Anjuna Anthony ( coach) said
This is great and i think lot of people think forehand is very easy short to play because that is first shot they starting to play but i think it is difficult shot to learn and hit.who ever got good forehand he can be a champion way we can see this the only short we can play inside out and you can easily use as a weapon on the court. so i think you are doing a fantastic job. hoping to see how you are going to teach volleys. thanks for you lovely tips.

*Jose Cedeno said
Congratulations for wonderful videos on basic forehand. Please keep going with all tennis strokes.


*Varvara said
Thank you guys, really helps, clear and imaginative explanation. I would love to see some more videos on serve as well, how to hit a powerful serve.

*Gunther said
Action Learning by Mauro`s impressive examples.Learning
from the best professionals like Nadal,Söderling.Federer et. Mauro demonstrates the modern forehand step by step.Please continue this video lecture!

*David Johnson said
Hey Coach Kyril,
I met you on the plane from Atlanta to Mpls. I watched a couple of videos and the info is well broken down. Mauro is pretty funny too. Thanks for the tips and I can’t wait to see your new footage.

*Charles Smyth said
As others have commented here, these tennis videos are the most helpful I’ve found online.

*Adam said
Fantastic stuff Coach. Can’t wait for the one-handed backhand!

*Kyle said
Really good info; wish I lived in Tiburon so I could take a few lessons from Mauro, he really has a knack for outlining the mechanics of a stroke. I’ve been playing for three years and absolutely struggling to hit any sort of reliable top spin forehand now I’m going to see if I can use some of Mauro’s pointers to try and finally get this damn stroke down.

*Vlg said
Great video. I would also be very much interested to learn on the footwork of getting away from a ball coming directly to me and then hitting an attacking shot. That’s far more complex body movement. Can you, please, cover this in your next video?

*Jack Bailey said
Great stuff!! Mauro’s animated, hands-on approach is second to none!! Mauro takes the on court “class room” to a new level. He explains the fundamentals and swing mechanics in a concise, easy to understand manner. Every junior to adult should watch these videos!!

*Joe Russo said
This is simply the best detailed instruction I have ever had the pleasure of being exposed to.

Thanks Coach!!

*jun said
why did i not see this sooner? very well explained. perhaps the most innovative instruction i’ve seen by far.

Tom said

Kyril — I guess I should say “Coach Kyril” — you are on to something here. Mauro is good, the two of you combined is exponentially better.
I am a 3.5, 55 yrs old. Determined to be better. I was a HS track coach and successful college baseball player. I understand training, fitness, talent levels… I have looked at lots of online tennis training… you are nothing short of corny — but that is OK. You offer solid tips. Keep doing what you are doing… you WILL hit critical mass and find a revenue model here…Thanks for working it…

Dennis said

This is good simple stuff. Explained very clearly. As a coach I have coached around these ideas for years however not as clearly. Not explaining the reason for doing so, i.e. the head will turn naturally as the shoulders turn and so the necessity to work on keeping the head still at impact. Thanks

Rahul said

The best tennis videos I have ever seen. (NTRP 5.0 player – played tennis for about 20 years).

Charles Lewis said

Your instruction is as good as I have seen. It is detailed and presented well.

Nick said

Hey Coach, can you please adjust the volume (up) on the recording of your videos. Your lessons are the best but I can barely hear you. Thanks.

Anjuna Anthony said


it is very good and like to get more stuff. Thanks

Willem van Kessel said

Dear Coach Kyrill,

I realy enjoy your ‘no BS’ tennis coaching/tips. As I started playing tennis again after a very long break and a few years older as well, I wondered if you had tips on how to improve your position behind the ball so you CAN hit those top spin forehands.

best regards and thanks for all the tips


Joc said

Enough info to get me thinking about my contact zone. Very informative. The power concept of the locked wrist is helpful. Thank you and MORE please.

Bhagi said

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
For featuring Mauro. His coaching is amazing, and makes things so clear and simple to follow.

Howard Cheung said

Nice explanation folks especially about the palm of the hand being parallel with the face of the racquet. I also apply this to my single backhand due to my extreme grip i.e., i don’t need to change between my eastern forehand grip and backhand.

Aldo Ruggieri said

He’s a great, great teacher and beautfull and the table is ok but I’m here and I love it…
PARABENS MULA. Baita aula. Se vc nao estivesse ai eu com certeza estaria jogando muito melhor.

Debbie Wessely said

Great explanation thanks! When I am walking around without my racket, I practice the motion of the stroke. I was wondering why with my hand it looks correct, but then it didn’t transfer over to when I was hitting. The grip explanation helped, I changed it up a bit and much better. Also, I was always thinking loose grip, which resulted in loose wrist. Breaking it down into small steps really helps.
Thanks to both of you!

robdelasol said

All true! Mauro has been my instructor for the past 3 months and I have never, in any aspect of life, been so enlightened. This is not an exaggeration. He is the epitome of No BS. I have taken numerous lessons over the course of many years, and I learned more from him in the 1st lesson – things I use every time I’ve played since! – than in all previous lessons combined (of which I only vaguely remember). There is a clear line drawn in my mind, and that is the one which separates my pre-Mauro days, and the present. Thank you Mauro, see you soon…

karla sie said

With Mauro I had the BEST tennis lessons of my life! Everything I know, I owe to him. Today, with a tennis-playing son, my dream is to see him taking lessons with Mauro. Mauro is much more than a tennis coach. He is someone who considers the individual as a whole and complex person. This means that Mauro is an EDUCATOR, in the broadest sense of the word. This makes Mauro a very special person.

Marta Bradley said

A lot of good things in life don’t last long enough…my tennis lessons with Mauro are one example. I enjoyed them sooo much, I learned all I know about tennis, and I miss his lessons dearly. Unfortunately, we live in opposite parts of the country now. The best testimony I can give about him, is to say that whenever I am able to hit some balls, it seems like his words of advice are still fresh in my mind, as I can still hear him telling me what and how to do it. You are the best tennis coach ever Mauro! Wish we lived closer again, my children and I would certainly take lessons. Good luck to you, everyday!


Paul K said

I totally agree. What sets Mauro apart is the uncanny ability to analyze your stroke and other aspects of your game and be able to fix very specific things that will improve your game. The teaching techniques are fun and easy to remember, but what I think sets Mauro apart is his ability to deconstruct every part of your game and guide you towards becoming a better player.. Go Mauro!

Rodrigo Contro said

I was 10 years old when I met Mauro. I was sick and had to do some physical activity. Tennis seemed to be the best at that moment…
In feel classes that necessity became a passion, because Mauro showed me the beauty of the game and took the best of me in court. I became cured and stand having classes with him for 4 years more. During this time, he marked my way of play, specially my backhand. But after, he went to US and unfortunately we lost contact.

Now it’s been 26 years since I met him and we “re-found” ourselves. During this time I became a lazy weekend player. But every time I go to court people ask me “How did you get these movements?” and I always answer “When I was a kid, I had a coach…”

It’s a great honor to see how great he did with the sport that he loves so much, after watch the very beginning of his fantastic career. If he did what he did with me (not only teach how to play, but to love the game and use this love in life), I can imagine how he is getting better and better until today. That´s the guy I met, always trying to get better as a professional and, specially, as a human being – and I’m sure that he is doing it! THE Coach! (Sorry for the poor english, but the comment is form the heart!:))

Bev said

Mauro’s method of teaching with analogies is so effective that I feel like light bulbs are lighting up all around me throughout our lessons. He makes so much sense. That, coupled with his enthusiasm for seeing me improve, makes him an instructor like no other. My kids (ages 7 & 9) have also taken lessons from Mauro and his teaching approach is just as effective with kids.

Wali K said

When I met Mauro, I was 9 years old and had lymes disease. I could not overwork myself at all. Yet I always felt a great joy when I would go to tennis practice every Saturday. Even though my mother would tell me not to, I would run as hard as I could for as long as I could (which was usually about 5-10 minutes) until Mauro gave me a break. I knew that my body could not allow that much exercise, but there was something about Mauro’s way of teaching (like how he is more of a friend to you than a teacher) that made me try harder every lesson. Mauro would teach me things without him tiring me (although there was the occasional smacker from his side of the court 🙂 ) and I would still enjoy it. He made tennis lessons fun and I still learned so much! Now, at age 15 and my tennis skills incredibly increased, I realize how big of a challenge that must have been for him. To teach a kid limited by a disease. He is an amazing tennis teacher and I thank him for all the support he gave me!

Warwick Manfrinato said

I met Mauro as a friend in childhood. We are now old friends (really) and call ourselves “brothers”, perhaps the kind you don’t get from same parents…….

We played tennis as kids, same club in Brazil, but at some point Mauro took off…..made me jealous… My game kept small.

One day, many years later (many!!), both of us in the USA we met again. First in California and later in Cape Cod. Mauro was teaching and with incredible stories… I had 43 years old when I had my first lesson with Mauro. In the next court were nothing less then Arnold Schwarzenegger and on the other Ted Kennedy….

He took me by the hand like all the comments by kids above and incredibly I understood and did things I had never done. Instantaneously. It felt like magic to be able to hit a forehand right, but when I was able to hit a real backhand it really sank in…. it was a discover that I think even Mauro doesn’t realize how important it was for me. Guru magic it felt like, master Yoda.

Tennis is a game I take it to heart and Mauro made a huge difference.

* Debbie Wessely
Great explanation thanks! Breaking it down into small steps really helps. Thanks.

* Dennis
This is good simple stuff. Explained very clearly. As a coach, I have coached around these ideas for years, however not as clearly. Thanks!

* Kyle
Really good info, Mauro really has a knack for outlining the mechanics of a stroke.

* Jack Bailey
Great stuff!! Mauro’s animated, hands-on approach is second to none!! Mauro takes the on court class room to a new level. He explains the fundamentals and swing mechanics in a concise, easy to understand manner. Every junior to adult should watch this video!! I can’t say enough great things about Mauro’s teaching. With his extensive background, tutoring both the weekend warrior and the world class junior, Mauro consistently gets results!! And yes, that’s one smooth forehand!! (Can’t wait for the backhand!!).

* Tom
Coach Mauro, smoothest stroke I have ever seen, like watching Pedro Martinez pitch!

* Joc
Unbelievable wealth of information. Thank you for sharing such valuable tips. I can’t wait to try all the steps. Mauro sure looks smooth and executes the shot with an effortless mien. I want to hit like him. FANTASTIC!

* Diego
This is great coach, can’t wait for the next video about hitting with more power and topspin! I’m from Argentina, be very proud of your work, it’s now worldwide.

* Jose Cedeno
Congratulations for wonderful videos on a basic forehand. Thanks!

* Randy Reitmeyer
This set of forehand video instructions is the most detailed, and best I have ever reviewed. Rob said it best: he tells you what, how, and why, and dramatizes the process with memory hints. Very clever & very useful.

* Edward
I used the stuff you talked about in my tennis class today, and darn things were rocking. I should pay you instead, thanks so much, you really broke it down to the details.

* Joe Russo
This simply the best detailed instruction I’ve ever had the pleasure of being exposed to.

* mons
This set of clips has to be the most detailed description of a forehand I’ve ever seen, and I’ve looked at many instruction videos! Mauro is truly a legend!

* SK
Great video. Any idiot can make things complex, it takes a genius to make things simple…

* Varvara
Thank you, it really helps, clear and imaginative explanation.

* philippe
Bravo messieurs! pour la clartÈ de vos explications.

* Jack
These videos are GOLD!! Keep up the good work!!

Great Coach Mauro. I’ve never hit a more heavy and solid ball until I implemented this technique. You know your stuff, cool!

* Jack
Video is example of Mauro’s vast knowledge of the body’s mechanics. Awesome stuff!!

* Steven
This video helped me more than any other video I’ve ever seen. I was about a 3.5 (NTRP) and then I watched this video and finally I got it. After being so intrigued, I watched the rest of the 7 parts and now I’m hitting forehands like a 4.0. All this after just one week (literally 5 days). Whatever Coach Mauro says, I will obey! Thanks much.

* Bhagi
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You For featuring Mauro! His coaching is amazing, and makes things so clear and simple to follow.

* abhimanyu
Exceptional, no words for it. Mauro is the master of techniques, truly a remarkable coach.

* Sally
Learning tennis is like a jig-saw,every now and then you find another piece that fits the picture, and Mauro has given me the piece that was missing for the forehand, you have made me one very happy lady, mua!

* Rodrigo Contro
About the forehand: details. That’s what Mauro makes you learn, when you feel that you know how to do your strokes even when he taught them to you many many years ago.

* abhimanyu
Right Rodrigo. He tells you the details. Truly a great man.

* Nelzy
Les informations et les dÈtails techniques du coach Mauro sur le coup SONT UNE droit d’rares prÈcision! MAIS les mettrent en place C’Est UNE & Autre Histoire.

* Gunther
Action Learning by Mauro`s impressive examples. Mauro demonstrates a modern forehand step by step. Please continue this video lecture!

* noobie77
Awesome video, he sounds like a great guy. I enjoyed his tips on “How to hit an easy, modern forehand” Thanks for posting!

* tommyenglish1
I like this guy, the kinda style I like.

* redaka0
TY COACH, Mauro is really an awesome teacher. I learned more from this video than I have with a month with my local pro. Mauro simply explains this stuff so well and it is extremely easy to understand.

* SnipedXP
These videos are making both myself and my friends better players. Thanks Coach.

* dodododa
This is indeed the best forehand lesson I’ve ever seen.

* VaughanF1
I really have to say these series of videos have really helped me improve my forehand and the most important, my timing. Mauro is an awesome coach, very gentle and crystal clear to explain. Many thanks to you. Greetings from Chile. Mauricio.

* malovepumato
Thanks to Mauro!!! He knows what he talks about.

* azarel7
Wow! Mauro is super smooth..

* djlevy94
Great explaining, and passion for tennis!

* Charusho
I didn’t know how much technique was involved!

* MrHadluve
Lesson in popular mechanics; excellent breakdown in details!

* bleek56
Great video, helped me a lot!

* hgamer
This stuff is priceless!. massive thumbs up guys!

* feimiao
Thanks! I learned so much from the 7 videos on the forehand! KC (Singapore)

* hawaiidispenser
Just amazing stuff!

* DNSaus
I cant wait to see the more of these. My forehand is 10 fold better.

* hatobacho88
wowowowowow! Really helpful for beginners like me, who need to learn really effectively from scratch. Nice work sir!

* A550RGY
So helpful! I love this guy!

* MohrAvaMohr
I’d love to be coached by you, amazing work!

* hawaiidispenser
Absolutely brilliant coach and helped pull my forehand out of the dark ages. I cannot wait for him to take on other aspects of tennis, like backhands and volleys especially, to see what insight he has in those areas. Thank you so much for this series with Coach Mauro! Please, please do more videos with him. Like you said Coach Kyril, the world should know about this guy!

* queenofcourt
I thought I knew how to hit a forehand until I saw these videos. Tennis made simple, I love it! I’ve been having private lessons for a year and struggled with the forehand until I saw Mauro’s instructions and I improved overnight, thanks! Mauro is a fantastic coach.

* mthomas73
Thanks so much Mauro, your instructional videos has transform my game and I am confident in my forehand now. Even when I am hitting it wrong I know what I should be doing to adjust. Wish I could be coached personally by you!

* hansoeij
I like Mauro. He points out all the basics that are mostly forgotten by most players including myself. I used his methods, it worked wonders on the court. Thanks.

* FairwayJack
Thnx Coach for posting these! very good, very informative. Mauro is great!

* azarel7
5 Stars!

* queenofcourt
10 Stars! Mauro moves so graceful!

* dvsk89
I want my eastern forehand to be like his again 😛 …so smooth.

* vibe4me
Great video! fundamentally important points, especially for average Joe weekend 3.0 players like myself.

* albesca
Thank you Mauro, your tips are really priceless. The best explanation I’ve ever seen. You answered a question I’m asking for years to many coaches and players, and nobody was able for a clear answer. You are doing a great job.

* Megareemas
Keep doing this coach, really helpful! I have used your videos to really develop a forehand weapon, that uses topspin to help me keep the ball in play!

* solventpop
This should be called Next Level Tennis.WOW!! I have not hit a correct forehand ever, wrist pain, etc. One day on the court, no more pain and more control, now just need to work on the rest to have better preparation and timing. I am sold!!!!

* Coach, Thanks for the VID!!!!! Last night after watching all your videos I was able to whoop a fast flat serve into the court using your advice. 80% of it went inside the service box…I didn’t even realize my hand is pronating by itself….was a really a good feel of accomplishment… I love practicing my service so much that I stayed on the court for 4 Hours… Just serving!!!!! Now can you remove all your video before my friends see it? (ha-ha joke…) Anyways…. is there more video to come? Thank you again for your wonderful video!!! My coach saw me this morning serving Flat. And he thinks he’s the one who taught me…. I wanna say it’s from You or your video…but, he’s an old fart and won’t believe whatever I say… thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOUR VIDEO ROCKS!!!!!!
- supertrex2

* Thank you god for this, sir. Nobody actually explains how to hit the dang serve. Everyone points out every other fact about the serve except hitting the ball. For someone like me, who has never taken a tennis lesson, but is naturally gifted athlete, I needed this. Thanks so much =)
- lalaborat

* Coach Kyril, Awesome, awesome series explaining the serves…especially the close up demonstrations (seated) of the action just before impact of (slice, top, kick, flat)….it’s a bit difficult to appreciate the ball action of the live serves so the close ups help. Look forward to seeing more tapes on other topics.
- yelloweric98

* Coach Kyril, I’ve enjoyed the e-mails that you have been sending to me, thank you. I’m interested in ordering your program, my only question is are there any pictures or video instruction included or is it all print? I ask because I’m a very visual learner. Thanks in advance!
- Adam
P.S. I’ve taken lessons off and on for the past couple of years and the guys that I’ve paid $75 bucks an hour plus, have not covered what I’ve learned from you so far for FREE!

* Hi Coach Kyril, I have been really enjoying your e-mails and all the information you have been giving. Thank you very much, I really appreciate it. I read your “Power Serve” article and crazy as it sounds… read it a few times and implemented it into my game the next day for an ALTA match. My serve has been “off” for a while now and my toss was all over the place. We won our match and when we got off the court the opponents told me I had a great serve which was tough to beat. Wow! I hadn’t heard that in a long time. I am going to get out and get practicing on it. Thank you for all the motivation also. I cannot afford a coach right now and haven’t had one in a while, but it seems I am improving quicker this way anyway. I hope to purchase your whole system soon. With the help I am getting just by your e-mails, I am excited to see what is to come. Thank you,
- Debbie

* Kyril, I gotta say man, that I dig your teaching style. Thanks again for what your doing. BTW I paid $40 for a serve package before, done in a downloadable video format and was not as good as what you’ve put up for free.
- Adam

*Dear Coach Kyril, your lessons on power serving are very helpful, I can now power serve! That pronation lesson help me out so much. You did a great job explaining it, and my coach was impressed on how fast I picked up on the power serve. And I would just like to say thank you!
- Cameron

* Thank you so much for your help Coach Kyril. Today thnx to your advice, my kick serve nailed me a series of aces in a row for two straight service games….Thnx!!!
- Seekheart

* Hi coach Kyril, I already bought your books and signed up with your tennis program. I enjoyed reading your tennis development with Mihai, very inspirational and glad that it worked out great for you. It’s definitely great that there are people in life who believe in us and gives us help when we need it most, thank God for those people. Thank you for creating video and putting the tennis rules in place in order to help other people to improve their games.

* Coach, I ‘got it’…and I love it! Can’t wait for the new videos…. Thanks again.
- ab

* Coach Kyril, Your report “Secrets of the Power Serve” is helping shed some major light on my serve. I just downloaded it yesterday and hit about 200 balls last night. It is already making a difference. I read it again cover to cover after practicing my serve last night and plan to practice my serve again tonight. I also watched Roddick and Federer videos today to cement in the visual memory of what I’m trying to do. I plan to keep incorporating the two critical secrets as they have made a noticeable difference.
- Paul

* Hey, I don’t know who you are or why you do this, but thank you. thanks to your advice on staying in motion and moving into position, I’ve been playing better lately. I actually moved up a box in my tennis team. (I play for high school.)
- Daniel

* Coach: Thanks for your thoughtful reply! You have great communication skills to go with your knowledge of the game! I just reviewed you serving info, cut and pasted it for my lefty serve, and will give it a go tomorrow. Based on what you have to say about the serve I am IMMEDIATELY ordering the rest of your materials. I agree with everything you said in your reply!
- Gerry

* Coach Kyril, I’m writing to complement you on your article: “Secrets of the Power Serve”. Your article is excellent! You provided a thorough, logical, clear treatment of a complex topic. It is very difficult to verbally describe a complicated physical action. Your use of the “you tube” videos helped clarify your description, and your analysis proved your point. All The Best,

* Coach Kyril, I’ve not come across a professional player before in another sport who helped you up the tennis rankings for free before, that is usually unheard of…..It’s refreshing to see a coach helping people improve their game because he wants to give something back to them. Thanks for what you do.

* Hey Coach Kyril, When I was playing today, I really concentrated on getting my elbow up and pointing at the ball as illustrated in your new videos. Wow! What a difference on my second serve, way more spin and maybe even a little more added kick. (At least that’s what my hitting partner said!) Thanks for all your help, I look forward to your emails everyday!
- Dave

* Coach, We received your latest tips. My son used a little (wasn’t a lot of time to try the tips, it rained all weekend) time in the house to practice the serve drills and will won his match in a third set tie breaker, he had a couple service winners to close out the match. It was funny to watch, once in awhile just before he served he would practice pronating, to remind himself for his first serve. He still does not get his elbow up, but that just takes practice. His teaching pro showed up towards the end of his match. He agreed with your serve tips. Anyway he was the only one on his whole team to win a match. He was thrilled and really kept his cool, the other kid was constantly questioning calls and making some very tough calls on him. We will keep trying your tips. I, by the way, have two matches this week and I will try the serve and 1HBH tips.
- Ed

* Thank you so much. You have helped my serve so much!!! I haven’t tried the kick serve yet, but it is my next task to tackle! God Bless,
- melanie

* Coach Kyril, Thank you. I faithfully read and follow your instruction. And I feel it is important for you to know how much I appreciate you and all your hard work and tennis expertise. I have been helped greatly with the 10 laws you sent me. I now anticipate better, I stay focused on the ball much better, I move better, I serve better, and am in better shape. All this has resulted in much better results in the league I play in. Having gone from an average player to the best player on the team. You are right, the little things done right leads to solid tennis play. Thank you for your help in improving my game.
- Craig

* Coach, Thx A LOT; my game has been improving since I’ve been participating!
- Tej

* Hi Coach Kyril, I got your course in June and I wanted to give you an update on how things are going. To say my game has changed for the better would be a huge understatement. Without going on too long, I am a junior player and I ‘thought’ I was pretty good. My dad got me your course because he saw some things I needed work on, but I really didn’t think I needed any help at all. Anyway, now I ‘get it’ about to paying attention to the little things, and I jumped up 22 spots in my section ranking to 12th from 34. No way could I have done it without paying attention to the 8th Law– it’s made all the difference for me. Thanks again for what you’ve taught me.

* Coach, As a former NCAA D-1 player myself, I can honestly tell friends of mine that ‘yes, this guy knows what the hell he’s talking about.’ Your material reminds me of that old saying from golfers, “Drive for show, putt for dough.” It really is the focus on doing the ‘little’ (but up until now unknown) things that gets results.
- David

* Coach, Yup, you were right – the videos definitely don’t look like they were filmed at a resort. But it’s by far the best info I’ve ever seen on what actually happens on the tennis court. I like how you show how I can do it, not just how the pros do it. Are you coming out with some more videos? Thnx for everything.

* COACH!!! Sorry, I had to shout that out! I cannot BELIEVE the difference in my game after making myself obey the 4th law. Simply unreal. I just finished going through the 5th Law, and let’s just say some ‘conditioning’ has already started to occur. Where are you located? Can I get private lessons from you? Have racket, will travel! I’ll be in touch soon!
- Barb

Here are some comments from our blog:

* Ole F. Rose said
You make it so obvious. I will put that drill to action tomorrow! 🙂 Thanks CK

* Tom Antion said
I saw a guy who looked a lot like you training this same technique in Virginia Beach hahahaha This is a great drill coach and thank you for teaching it to me when you visited my area.

* Joe Ciccone said
anytime I try hitting top spin, the ball usually hits the net…..can’t wait to try this ‘tip’ tomorrow at practice (early before our doubles matches begin) I’m sure there going to help. Thanks

* Laureano said
It looks so easy, I am going to do this drill tomorrow and I will tell you how I feel it. I live in Caracas, Venezuela. Thanks.

* Ondrej said
I must try your “trick top spin stroke” at the very beginning of my tennis season (next week??). I am a beginner, have been playing tennis for two years or so. My friends taught me to make a long swing before hitting the ball to avoid tennis elbow. Anyway, your stroke seems to be natural and effective. Best regards from the Czech Republic.

* Jack Walters said
I am 82 years of age, bad shoulders,arthrits, any how I play approxmately three times a week, with my peers, we have all been playing for years, not good but playing, Anyhow I am trying your new serve, and its coming along, I am fairly accurate with it, but it’s not yet achieved the power I need, but so far it good and I am enjoying working on it. We my group, were elderly and some of them don’t move to the ball like we used to do, have a tendency to stay back, a lob a lot, that not working any more well, we have one man early in seventys pretty good legs he always my apponet in our doubles, and he kicks my butt. But one day I’ll get him. Thanks a lot.

* Ahmad Abdulla said
I was glad to read Mr Walters comments (the 82 years young). I am 81 & will soon be 82. I play in a country Club setting and face some of the problems outlined in Mr Walters. There are no players in the club even in their 70s.and the rest are in thei mid 60s and younger. I am 5′ &2″ and my prblemis they keep lapping ove my head whereevwr I am located at any position in the courtand because my age I can!t run fast. I am practicing now your lesson on serving and will take and will practice the new forehand. I LIKE THE TIPS. Thanks. Mahatta

* Carol S said
I’m 52 year old female playing serious for three years and no formal training before that. My forehand is one where most of the time I can read the logo on the ball the whole time it’s headed to the other side. I’ll try this method and hopefully I can get some top spin going and give my aching elbow a break. Thanks!

* Stanley Cheng said
Today, when I went to practice with other teammates (high school teammates), they mentioned that my groudstrokes were scary. It had plenty of spin, lots of power, and deep. They asked me if I practiced a lot yesterday even though I didn’t go. This is seriously something that can give a boost to my game. Thanks a lot Coach!

* Hyder said
Thanks. I'll seriously try it at practice today. Your demonstration is excellent I am confident I can do it.

* Paul S. said
Thanks very much, Coach K! I always thought that if I played righty, that meant that it’s a sort of dominance of the right hand, and that all the left hand did was provide stability and control on the 2-handed backhand. But that’s before I realized, by watching your video, that the right arm, in the position it’s in, can’t generate much power, and that the 2-handed backhand is just a lefty forehand with added guidance from the right hand! Thank you for that. This really changed my game, because I now pay attention to my left arm on my groundstrokes as well as my right. Your lessons are very simple, easy to understand, and help notice things I never bothered to consider before. Thanks again!

*Kathleen said
What Paul said is true, but as Coach Kyril pointed out, if you approach the ball with an open stance, you ball control will suffer as well as any speed on the follow through. Thus, the correct turn of the body in the approach to the ball resulting in the torque of the lower body gives even more power behind the two handed back hand shot. What I appreciate about Coach Kyril’s teaching is that he breaks down all the components of a shot by showing the cause and effect of good versus poor form and how all parts of a player’s body ( head up or down and keeping it still; eye’s tracking the ball; breathing; leg and foot position; body turned, etc.) connect to bring about a stroke. A player can practice a stroke over and over again and never see improvement, but by adjustment and improving even one component of a stroke, one can see a marked change in delivery. Thanks Coach, for keeping it simple and honest!

* Alexander Keefe said
This is pretty much all what is behind Rafael Nadal’s backhand, and why it’s so good. The commentators on television matches are always talking about how he has an advantage on the backhand since he is a natural righty, and has the extra strength, which is probably why he can dig out and retrieve so many balls on clay, or any surface for that matter, since he has the strength in the lagging hand to snap the ball back cross-court and surprise his opponent. That almost makes it as though he is doing what you said, Coach K., he is hitting a forehand on his left side, and a two-handed forehand on his right side, since that is his more normally dextrous flank. I have a one-hander myself, but this is nice to know anyways to further understand the stroke mechanics of the two-hander.

* Eliezer Dusowitz said
ThankS Coach, count me among those who have switched from the one-handed backhand to the two-handed backhand. The movement, especially from the hips and torso, comes naturally with swinging two hands, and also decreases the potential for injury. I used to think that the one-handed backhanded looked “cooler” and more “pro”, but I have come to the realization that looks are deceiving, and if you want to become a great tennis player, you can’t worry about what anyone thinks about your game. Your video here clearly demonstrates the pros of using the 2-hand BH. Like you say in the title, this video is a no-B.S. guide to hitting the 2-hand backhand. Thanks for the video Coach!!!!!!

* Walt Berchin said
Coach K, All of your videos and instruction have proved to be invaluable to me. They have improved my game immensely. I particulalrly enjoyed this video as I have traditionally used a one had backhand. While it’s been an effective stroke for me, I have never been able to achieve the pace and depth that I do when using the two-handed method. Your video has broken down and simplified this stroke for me in a very easy to understand approach. It has made the world of difference in executing this stroke effectively in my play. The coolest thing about this video, is that because of your analysis and nad breakdown of this stroke, I have been able to relay your info and teaching to my 15 year old son. He is a junior varsityHS freshmen player and has always had a shyness or aversion to using the two-handed backhand. He has always exclaimed that it felt awkward or uncomfortable to him. That is until now. I sat him down to watch your video several times and he is now using the stroke with the utmost confidence. It has made a huge difference in his game and added a diversity that he did not have before. So much so that opposing coaches have accused his coach, falsely I might add, of “stacking” the ladder by placing him in a strategic position in order to win matches. He now looks that much better against opponents in the same posioning on other teams. So, for me, that alone makes this video, and quite frankly, all of your videos worth their weight in gold. Me and my son immensely appreciate the contribution you make to all tennis players, competive and recreational alike. Thanks coach!

* playtenniswithme said

Coach K, I really appreciate the videos, they’ve been a lot of help. I had 2 questions.
1) You mentioned that the ball doesn’t pass your front leg. I tried to do that today and I definitely got a lot more power on my crosscourt backhands. I mean a lot. Thanks for the tip! I was struggling with getting them down the line like what you did at 2:45 in the video. When I was going down the line and trying to keep the ball in front of my right foot, there was not nearly enough power behind the ball as the cross court shots. It seemed as if I was trying to “guide” the ball. Is there something I’m missing?
2) During the set, when fast serves were coming at me I had no choice but to hit my backhands with an open stance since they were coming in so fast. You were right, there was absolutely no power on those shots whatsoever. Can I do anything to improve that? I would guess that an open stance backhand would require pure upper body strength?
Thanks for you videos Coach K. I’ve been watching your videos since you first came out with them and they have helped me tremendously. I love them, can’t wait for the next one.

* Billy said
Thanks Coach K, I am vey grateful for all that I learn from you. I don’t how I got started with you, but all I know is your short lessons have been beneficial to me and the kids I instruct in the sport. You see I am learning the sport along with trying to teach it to teenagers who believe in the things I tell them. May God bless you for helping to develop the confidence and courage in me to feel good about my tennis and the knowledge I pass on to them. Your series about the serve, and court awareness, the two-handed backhand, and even the story of the young man w/no limbs who found the passion and determination to not give up in life are just a few of your segments that I always conjure up at times of need. Keep up the good work. Your generous sharing will someday be rewarded.

* M. Morgan said
I like the point at the end where you talk about the split step with your back facing your opponent. That should accomplish some nice down-the-line shots with the power coming from the legs rather than trying to pull all the power from my arms, which are not that powerful to begin with. If I can learn to use more power/torque from my legs I can maybe accomplish more power through the follow-through. Good video, Coach! Thanks!

* Nick said
First off I would like to thank you for providing simply put solid instruction. It seems like whenever I try to find good tennis info a price tag always pops up in the way. Thanks for your time and effort. On Unfortunately for me I originally fell into the trap of using my right dominantly. I had a flimsy shot with little pace, which was frustrating. Eventually through a lot of practice along with trial and error I figured it the video, this highlights a key aspect of the two-handed backhand that eludes many. Having your off-hand dominant is the real key towards developing consistency and generating pace. It seems so simple but it ends up being enormously helpful (that pretty much summarizes all of your lessons). The main point is that you do not need to go through all the frustration of having to “figure” strokes out. After realizing this I understand why your helping all of us out. Tennis has so many traps of not doing something right that can be easily explained and therefore avoided. We just need someone to tell us, who isn’t charging us $20+ an hour. Your advice is greatly appreciated.

* Gary Schepers said
Such a simple thing but what a difference it made in my control! I always had a dominant hand death grip while hitting my backhand. Loosening up and allowing the left hand to control the shot greatly improved my accuracy. To take it a step further I practiced returning my middle schoolers serves left handed to gain confidence. Now when I hit a real back hand in a match, I do so with the knowledge that is going exactly where I intended. I never would have imagined that easing up with my dominant hand could improve my back hand so much. Thanks again.

* Carol S said
Waaaaah! I’m a one-handed player! In addition to Coach Kyril’s message today with the GREAT video, I just got a newsletter from another venue talking about how 9 of the top 10 men are two-handers and 29 of the top women are two-handers and their subject line asked, “Is the one-handed backhand a thing of the past?” I’ve always been proud of being a female one-handed backhand player, but I guess that was a silly thought. So with the great information in Coach Kyril’s video, I’ll work on it with the intention of being a more versatile player with the ability to hit a one-handed and two-handed backhand. Oh yeah! Thanks!

* Stanley Cheng said
I tried this out today at practice and it really improved my backhand. After watching this video thoroughly, I realized that my contact was poor. I never thought of the left hand as the source of the backhand (I am a righty.) I always neglected that by using my right hand as the dominant source. If I never came across this video, I would have probably kept the poor contact. As you mentioned, the ball should not pass that right leg. Prior to watching this, I let it pass on some occasions and I kept hitting in an awkward way. And to sum up this long comment, it helped me improve to the next level. I must make it to the top, one step (or level) at a time.

* Jeff said
An excellent video clip for better two-handed backhand. I like the demonstration with two-finger of non-dominated hand to prove that indeed the dominated hand for two-handed backhand is left hand (for right handed players). This is the reason why a good exercise for two-handed backhand is to practice one left hand groundstroke as shown in the video clip. Some players use right hand as dominated hand for two-handed backhand, which is how one to hit for one-handed backhand. This video clip will definitely help them to make correction. This raises an interesting question, what roles right hand play? One role is to stabilize racquet swing as mentioned in the video clip. I would think there are two other important roles, one is to facilitate whip like motion of racquet swing, the other is to act as a pivot for racquet to have more angular momentum.

* elizabeth halliday said
Thanks for the backhand lesson Coach K. You look great! Your new fitness/diet regime is working most def. I particularly needed the reminder to make contact with the ball IN FRONT of my body. Many 2-handed backhands lately have been shanking off left. Hitting balls too late, hitting them too defensively, not generating pace. By hitting out in front, and using left hand for power, I’ll be able to turn defence to offence.

* John K said
Coach K… I coach a girls tennis team and I need all the help I can get. Most of them use a two-handed and your explanation of how the left hand actually is the key to success for this stroke is a huge help. I plan to encourage them to watch your video. You make it look so simple. I think the idea of hitting with the left hand for a while and then gradually adding the right hand is a great tip. Also, shoulder turn shoulder turn shoulder turn, drilling this into the head is critical. I like how you provide the no BS approach to illustrating the importance of the shoulder turn. Thanks!

* Jason Sun said
After reading this, I couldn’t believe that I had never thought of this before. A ‘forehand on the back side’, I use a double handed backhand and it’s never been the same after watching this video. I was mis-hitting a lot of backhands because of my open stance and had a weird swing path. You managed to help me in both of those in one video. First of all after thinking about the two handed backhand as a forehand I went to the courts and had a hit but since my forehand was a weapon i took my left hand off the handle. (I am a lefty by the way). Then I hit a couple of shots with my right hand forehand and i was trying to use the same swing path as my forehand. Then I did a close stance then kept my head down and hit a two handed backhand,. 🙂 That first hit it was sensational, now I am as confident as ever I can actually stay in a rally and as I put it, I can attack with both wings now. All day I can hit my backhand it felt great. My forehand and backhand. Thank you so much Coach wish you would coach me.;)

* Alex said
Thank you very much for these videos. This video has really improved my backhand. I know this may seem odd but a little detail you mentionged was almost just as important as the left hand for me. When you said the right hand was for guidance I could suddenly aim my shots a whole lot better. It is truly helpful to think of this as a forehand. My pace has really improved thanks to these simple ideas. I hope to see more videos.

* John Gill said
Hi Coach K, I am a current tournament player and coach and that is the best description of how to hit a two handed backhand I have seen on video or books. You have a simple yet extremely effective method of coaching as you get straight to the point so well done! Thank you and Regards,

* Hanne said
Coach Kyrill, Great!..just Great!´ve saved me hundreds of crowns..which they’re going to be use in booking a indoor court.I´m 40+ and thanks to your video is funny to play and to see that my game improves all the time. The simplicity of your explanations fit my understanding of tennis.

* gerry said
Hi Coach Kyril, I am in my 40’s took up tennis only three years ago and have no time for any BS! I am a keen student of the game and playing four times a week but even my wonderful coach cannot explain with your clarity what I am trying to achieve. cheers Coach

* Nick S said
Coach, I have been having trouble with my backhand, but having watched your video, I notice that the right leg (for righty’s) stays pinned to the ground and does not move with the shot. I think that is what I was doing wrong. Thanks for your help!

* Ed Matheson said
Hi Coach. Just want to say THANK YOU for all the e-mails and great videos. I play tennis every morning with a group of retires, we play all year and usually have five or six courts going for three hours. I am 70 years old and probably the only one in the group that is still trying to improve his game. On the way to the courts I select two or three “KEYS” I plan to focus on that day. These “KEYS” are usually fundamentals: Your information provides me with some great “KEYS” and as a result my concentration and game improving every day. I look forward to receiving your Tips. Thanks again for all you do.

* Kate said
Thanks so much for another excellent tennis video! The great aspect of this video (and all your other instruction) is the emphasis on simplicity and applying the correct fundamentals. After watching this video, I immediately knew exactly what to do to improve my two handed backhand stroke. Many other instructional materials provide good ideas, but they are not as easy to implement into my game. And what good is knowing the correct thing to do but being unable to apply it? Your videos give me the confidence that I can become a great player with consistent practice and application of the ideas in the videos, which has skyrocketed my motivation to hit the courts. I am enjoying tennis like never before, thanks to your excellent instruction. Hitting off the backboard this afternoon, I knew exactly what to work on for my two handed backhand, which is normally solid but has felt a little off the past couple of weeks. Using your suggestion of hitting with just the left hand for a little while, I found that when I switched back to two hands, my stroke felt so smooth, solid, fluid, and controlled. The idea of using the right hand as a guide and hitting the ball out front was also spot on. It felt amazing to unload on the ball again with control. I am so excited that I not only have gotten my feel back, but that I am hitting the shot better than ever before. With great tennis instruction that I can use, I have the confidence that I possess a real shot of achieving my long term goal of becoming an All-Conference Division 1 tennis player. Thank you SO much!!!

* Steven said
First off, I want to say that your tips have helped me so much in improving my game. I’ve been a subscriber since July, and ever time you post something I learn a new thing. These videos on the 1HBH (including the youtube one) have helped me so much. It used to be a liability and the reason I would lose so many matches, but now it’s solid enough to where I can hit winners and not just lobs. I’ve moved from playing doubles on my HS team to the 1/2 singles spot, and I can honestly say it’s because of what you taught on the 1HBH and everything else as well.

* Kevin Rodriguez said
This video is awesome it helped me during a game against my younger brother. I was serving and it was 15-40 and my brother was really giving it to me on my backhand side kinda reminded me of rafa lol. anyways as I served he chipped the return deep to the backhand corner as he sprinted up to the net right then I remembered this video and spread my fingers across my grip after that was done magic my friends happened magic. I got low and came up underneath the ball and hit a cross court passing shot at an angle for a minute that i could not even believe that i hit. for a second I thought roger himself had possessed me and helped lol. my brother sat there at net looking at me in awe at my reply. after that point i hit 2 more winners from my backhand side and got the score to deuce where i held serve. and i have to thank coach kyril for this video because if it wasnt for him i would have never heard the end of it from my little brother. by the way i ended up winning the set we played 6-3.

* jeren goldstein said
I generally don’t like to turn my back on somebody, but in this case it was the deal maker. My backhand has always been trusty, but not exactly a weapon, more like an old Chevy, it got me there. Once I started turning my back on the competition, it got mighty peppy: I’d estimate 15 miles peppier. After a couple of hundred balls using the “turn your back and smack” (as I call it), I actually started running around my forehand to hit backhands. And one more thing–and this was the real topper–suddenly I could hit my backhand down the line. I realized that when I had been trying to go down the line with my shoulders perpendicular to the net, I was already too open. But once I closed my shoulders, the down the line shot was another weapon in my bag. Thanks! This feels like winning the tennis lottery!

* Freddie Asis said
Your video and related instructions on 1HBH are wonderful. I’ve been playing tennis for more than 10 years and seen a lot of “how to improve” videos and instructions but none comes close in terms of content and stroke analysis. One thing that differs you on this particular video from the rest is the need to spread my fingers in holding the racket vs. the hammer type for control and power. I would think that this also minimizes (if not prevents) the development of tennis elbow associated with 1HBH.

* Mo said
Man, coach, your lessons are like drugs!! once you start watching them your hooked to know how you do it I dont know maybe its just me.. but by the looks of it it isnt short and sweet thats the best way to describe your lessons I've seen those other how to serve vids and let me tell you CK you teach it better and in a shorter time (I've seen some that are like 20 minutes of crap) hope you make more!! Mo.

* Coach Dad said
Coach K, just wanted to let you know, that after watching the videos on your power serve, my son (13) was able to fine tune it into a more accurate weapon. He was already over 110 mph, it’s just gotten faster, and he moved up an age group in the USTA Jrs. We have had several other instructors try and assist, but weren’t able to cut through the fat of a private lesson to get to the meat. Thank you for the think straight, talk straight, no sugar coating information. We can’t wait for release 2.0.

* Raja Ramesh said
Hi, this serve instruction is excellent, Pancho Gonzalez and Rod Laver all served the same way.

* Zashire said
Wow! Your lessons are absolutely amazing! I found your website by total accident when I was searching google for help on my backhand. I started watching one of your videos, and was hooked immediately. When I saw the black screen with your URL on it at the end, I had to see what was on it… and let me tell you, it was totally worth it. I just had a tennis lesson today and found that my backhand is severely lacking because I haven’t been able to get to a court more than once a week (with the cold weather and all) since last October. I’m a freshman in high school, and I played on the team last fall. I managed to make 1st singles (Junior Varsity) after only having played for less than a year. In the matches that followed, I found that I was making some obvious mistakes, but when I asked, my coach wasn’t able to help me fix any problems… so I ended up sticking with my flawed footwork and jerky swings for the rest of the season. Soon after, I continued my lessons at the local park district. I was in a group of about fifteen students whose ages ranged from nine to sixteen. It was hard for our coach to get to all of us because of the sheer number, so most of our minor mistakes went untouched, and still have been up until today. I honestly cannot wait to get out to the tennis courts again sometime this week to try all of this out. I know it will work, and I’m really excited to start helping myself get better at serving and backhanding… I’ll try out the forehand tutorial if I have time! I feel very awkward for having written so much here. It’s just, well, I’m really excited to get the show on the road since the warm weather is on its way (finally!). I also can’t wait to start playing every day when the season starts again. Hopefully I’ll be able to get on varsity if I start being more consistent with everything. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this! I really don’t see many people do these kinds of things for free anymore. It’s really nice to see people willing to help others just for feeling the joy of seeing those others accomplish what they’ve always wanted to attain. I’m glad people like that are still around. 🙂 Thank you again for doing this, and I’ll be off to the tennis courts whenever I can to try this out. Great video lessons.

* Bryan said
I enjoy this video so much because I would have never guessed shifting my weight and hopping to the left foot would dramtically increase my serve like it did only learning it a week ago. Faster spin, more power, and accuracy even! (literally won me most of my recent sets at practice). You videos are amazing, Kyril, going off of them, I was able to reach near varsity this year, when I only started Tennis last year stuck at the bottom. Keep up the good work, its helping so many people!

* Miles said
These videos are great! The one that has helped the most was the Roddick serving video because for the past year i have lost my serve and have not been able to find a good clean motion again even with the help of coaches, ive asked multiple coaches but all they can say is work on your toss and i know for a fact that it was not the best thing i could do for my serve. but after watching the videos and practicing the one foot-then two foot motions i have finally found my serve again and it feels so great to have this big part of my game back. i finally have a cleanly timed serve and i feel i can put my serve wherever i want with whatever spin and i finally have faith in my 2nd serve. the other video which has really helped me is the one handed backhand video. i hit a 1hbh and ever since ive had one ive had a decent motion but there’s always been something missing that has made it a liability instead of a weapon. but after watching the video the two main tips of showing your opponent you back and the relaxed spread out grip has really filled the holes in what has been missing in my backhand. before i did not rotate my body enough so it was mostly just arm strength but none of my coaches told me what i was doing wrong. earlier i went to tucson for a training trip and after concentrating on the advice given in the videos i had seen great improvement in both my serve and backhand. it feels sooooooooo great to KNOW that my backhand is now a weapon rather than a major weakness in my game. i had recently bumped up my colorado ranking from 86 to 14 in a matter of months(but now i am no longer eligible in the 16s so im now working on 18s). With the confidence brought from improving my backhand and serve other areas of my game also improved. All i can say is THANK YOU COACH KYRIL!!!!!

* Aditya Bandi said
I love the videos, I’m basically learning tennis from these. Hard to imagine that only about a month ago i was serving underhand or a paddycake serve. Now i actually make the serves in consistently with a real grip. Its a lot of practice. I go to UCSC, who are DIV 3 champs and I picked up tennis last year around November. I cant really afford tennis lessons or coaching so these videos are a real life saver. I have a nice 2-handed back hand, a fluid forehand, and a pretty consistent serve. Also i’ve started working more on my footwork and fitness because i now really understood that getting in position is the most important aspect of the game. Thanks a lot for being my coach, even though you don't know it!

* Joe said
I could identify with your lady of your second case study in two ways. First, she was someone who played when young and then was away from tennis for a while. It is the same with me. I played a lot when I was a teenager, but only during the summer. It was just playing with friends, but we could sure get intense in the competition. None of us ever had lessons because the economics of our families didn’t have a budget category for things like that, so I know I developed some bad habits which seemed to work for me at the time. My playing stopped when we all went off to college, and then I started up again after I retired, living in a community with tennis courts as one of the amenities. Now I am playing three times a week for about two hours each time. I love it and will be continuing even though I have to play through the pain of these old feet. My layoff from tennis, you could calculate, was about 46 years. Now, the retirement budget still doesn’t allow for tennis lessons so I did the same thing that your lady talked about — checking out the internet to get some pointers — and that is where I found you. I can’t compare you to live tennis teachers since I never had one, but I do like the way you break things down. I watched your power serve movies and liked how you broke it down into four phases, and I have started to try these out. It is hard to break old habits that you’ve gotten comfortable with, and I think your phased approach is the best way to do it. I appreciate that you have these free tips, and I have to admit that I’m curious about your full course and the ten laws. I’ll continue playing tennis because it is great exercise and I enjoy it, but I am also a competitive person so I want to improve.

* Richard Label said
I immensely enjoyed watching the videos of the two-step serve as well as the one-handed backhand. What struck me as overwhelmingly obvious was not the game-changing techniques, techniques that were effective because they were simple, but your excitement and love of the game of tennis. As a retired teacher, I realize that the pinnacle of that love is to teach others what you have discovered. Thank you. I look forward to seeing future videos and tips from your newsletter

* Stone said
The video that helped me the most was the kick serve video. Last year I was looking for a slice top-spin serve. But I realized that my own kick serve was not top notch yet. Through research I realized that i could still put even more spin on the ball. I kept on hitting a kick serve contenetal getting atleast four feet when the ball bounced with pace but I couldn’t get that extra kick. After your little tip about switching to an eastern backhand grip my kick serve improved a great deal. Plus I realized that I need more head speed on my racket in order to pull of a great kick serve. My frustration and confusion dissapeared.

* Walt said
Coach Kyril, first of all, I am a 48 yo male and have been playing tennis for less than a year. While being athletically inclined and a usual quick study, I am still learing and fine-tuning my game. All of your videos are so amazing! I have learned so much from you. As a matter of fact, I have been on your e-mail list for quite some time now and what I’ve created is a binder of all your lessons that I have received in my e-mails to date. I’ve got a neat looking binder with a sweet picture of Roger Federer doing his signature backhand inserted in the front sleeve. I have a table of contents and each lesson is separated individually. I have referred to your lessons time and again and they have proven invaluable to the improvement of my game. Fast forward to now. I am really glad that you have put the effort into creating this new site with all of your videos. While they are all very helpful and useful, and I have implemented elements from all of them, I am particularly fond of your two-handed backhand video. I was a player who found the two-hand backhand as awkward and uneffective. I watched so many players achieve great success with it. I tried using it on several occasions but I naturally wanted to use a one-handed back hand…it just felt very natural to me. I tried several times to implement the two-handed shot but with no success at all. After watching your video and hearing you break it down to it’s most simple elements, I now understand the shot fully and am having great success with it. I guess I never realized, or even more so, it was never taught to me that the right hand (for a righty) is just there as a I guide. You brilliantly and simply displayed this in your video and emphasized that the pwer is generated from your left (foe a righty). Additionally, you indicated the correct grips which in the past I have been told several different ways to do it. Coach, I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the things you are doing to improve the tennis game for people of all ages and all over. You are truly a gem and your instruction is easy to understand and digest. You have an uncanny way of taking something complex and breaking it down to it’s simplest form. Thanks for making my game complete!

* Steve said
I can’t wait to practice my serving since I watched your serving video’s. I am confident that my game will improve a lot once I implement this into my game. Thanks.

* Steve
Dear Coach Kyril, I am a fan of yours from Greece. I have been watching your videos and I have found them so helpful and so adequately presented. I want to congratulate you for your simplicity of presenting all the different types of serves and also the pronation technique. I think we the people who want to improve ourselves in tennis have just found an excellent teacher ! Just keep up the great work that you do and keep differentiating yourself from the rest of the coaches who share their knowledge little by little…… Congratulations again…

* Tassos
Hi coach Kyril, first of all, I am really appreciate of your work on the videos and the interesting articles and emails you sent. I was a complete beginner last summer of 2008. I was interested in tennis for my whole life but I didn’t have the fortunate to apply my life to this great sport ever. But then I decided to try out for my high school tennis team this school year. I searched all over YouTube to learn the basics and practice like crazy to improve my games. I ran into a lot of great videos and some of them were yours. And guess what? I made it to rank varsity exhibition on the team on my first try, there were 50 people trying out. So looking at my scenario and remembered your story of how you came to love tennis. I feel like you made my tennis life greater. Thank you very much.

* Nguyen T.
Wow coach, I must say you really improved my serving by 90 percent. I was totally shocked how much the speed increased with little effort thanks to the mechanics you showed on the video. I say this because my instructor has totally changed the grip on my serve. I have been serving with the wrong grip for years. I was using the semi-western grip to hit. I was successful and it and it was a fast and flat first serve, but my second serve was lacking. It was a struggle switching to a new grip. I worked on it for a while and finally got the timing down for it, but was lacking the speed from when I was hitting with the semi-western grip. I cam across your video, and totally changed it in LITERALLY overnight. I was serving with having my right foot come behind my left foot, so I was essentially taking off on only one foot which was my left. However, with your mechanics and technics I was able to generate more pace in a relaxed fashion. I had to work so much harder and serving to get the pace I wanted. Your technique allows me to generate pace without struggling or putting more muscle to it. Thanks.

* BJ
Hi Coach Kyril, I got the first Tennis Lessons from you which I enjoyed very much. I already put the “killer service” and “one handed backhand” on court and surprisingly it works , after only 2 weeks . It was a wonderful and unexpected surprise , and all that because of you (I am already committed to) Of cause , I need more coordination and to do this without thinking , naturally , as you do it (Now I believe that it will come). With regards to staying balanced for efficient movement , and how much is important to get on time at a right position, I understand what you mean. I’m going on a trip for a week just tomorrow , so when I’ll be back home I start again . A lot of thanks , Ervin.

* Ole
Hi Coach. Thank you for all your emails, I bring my laptop to the court and read as I practice. I dunno how I could have done this without your step by step guide. However im dying to know the “rules of tennis” you have been talking about. Is that what your sending out now, one mail at a time? Otherwise, how can I get them? Thanks in advance! your greatest norwegian fan, Ole.

*Kent Blacksher
Hi, thank you very much for the tip!!! I felt that the answer always was in your videos but I really did not know what drill exactly to use. Thanks coach!!!

* Chris
Coach, Great – thanks very much! My girlfriend (and mixed doubles partner) wondered if you might able to pop over to the UK and give us some tactical advice, but I thought that might be pushing it! 🙂 Look forward to seeing the new stuff in the spring. Cheers, Chris

* Chazz
Coach Kyril, thank you. I look forward to reviewing your videos. I absolutely eat & breath tennis so this is a treat.

* Kate
Dear Coach K, Thanks so much!! Your instruction has been extremely helpful in areas beyond my tennis game as well. You have helped me realize that there is nothing mystical about success. Excellence is simply the result of knowing the correct things to do and *applying* them. Thanks SO much! Have a great day and God bless. Sincerely,

Coach Kyril…I’m 58 and not up on u-tube or posting video on blogs…but i just wanted to let you know i tried your drill and it has been a big help. I use it as part of my forehand routine since i received it via e-mail…thank-you

* Alex
Hi! Thx for all the videos. I have seen loads of videos in the internet about tennis coaching on other websites but your teachings are very unique. Bye and thx!!!

* Anita
Hey Coach, I hope this email reaches you, I just wanted to thank you (and I know you must be used to hearing this all the time) but your advice is BY FAR the most useful on court. I think I have learnt 10 times as much from you than I have from my coach (no offence to him). You are an inspiration to me, I wish I could hire you as a coach, because I really would!

*Jack Bailey said
Jim summed it up in one quick quip…MAURO MAGIC!! Char can definitely keep improving her level of play, and Jim is on his way to a 4.5 rating, for sure!! Again, if you have the opportunity to go one-on-one with Coach Mauro, you’ll emerge from your cocoon of frustrating tennis, and play some of the best tennis of your life!! Remember, you’re never too old to learn…to get better…to be the best tennis player you can be!! GREAT JOB, DRISCOLL’S!!

*eric carlson said
Coach, I just read "dave the legle eagle" and wanted to offer my 2 cents.... I have the best serve in our club "actually this is due entirely to your indoor teaching"....I spent the past 12 months or so taking each of your techniques and applying them so that I have an arsenal of serves....anyway, I just saw the one foot serve drill three days ago, getting the feel of launching off the right (which i did well, and landing on the left WHICH I DIDN"T!!) Holy crap what a difference! Tell me if I'm wrong but I'm getting a lot more kick-out from it not just more power.. I din't think I could get more power than I all ready have but....Thank You