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Secrets Of The Power Serve


The Ten Laws of Tennis Success E-Course Materials

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Ten Laws Case Study #1: ‘Jon The Junior’

In this first Ten Laws case study we meet Jon, a junior player who jumped up 22 spots in his Sectional ranking, from 34th all the way up to number 12 – in just three months!

WawrinkaTen Laws Case Study #2: ‘Barb From Down South’

In this second of our three case studies, meet Barb, a ’40-something’ player who came back to the game after a 20-yr absence, and went from 2.5 to 3.5 NTRP ranking in just SIX months!

tennis tipsTen Laws Case Study #3: ‘Dave The Legal Eagle’

In this final case study you’ll meet Dave, a lawyer and former NCAA Div. 1 Player who proves that an ‘old dog’ CAN learn ‘new tricks’!

tennis shoesTen Laws of Tennis Success E-book

The Ten Laws of Tennis Success E-book is designed to get you focused on EXACTLY what you need to be doing on the tennis court – and help you plug up any holes you may have in your current game!

tennis shoesTen Laws Course Checklist & E-workbook

In this Course checklist and workbook, you will be shown not only the infallibility of the Ten Laws themselves, but you will become personally AWARE of HOW to apply the Ten Laws properly!

tennis shoesFocus & Win E-book

This book has absolutely NOTHING to do with your tennis strokes, and EVERYTHING to do with WHY you play this great game that we all love so much. It will help YOU discover how to get the most out of YOUR game!

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