Eliminating Common Faults In Ground Strokes & Volleys!

There are three common faults in most tennis players' ground strokes and volleys that need to be eliminated in order to execute powerful, accurate and reliably consistent forehands, one and two-handed backhands and forehand and backhand volleys.This course will explain and demonstrate how to eliminate these common faults and get YOU playing the best tennis of your life!

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Course Outline and Notes

Key points to remember for video 1:

The Forehand Grip:

-Most recreational players use a continental for their forehands and ground strokes and an eastern/semi-western grip for their serves. This is completely backwards!

- The reason using a continental or a weak eastern grip is 'wrong' is because of what holding the racket this way does NOT allow you to do (hitting out in front).

- Most people hit 'late' or too close to their body (i.e. NOT out in front), which causes an inability to put effective topspin on the ball, inaccurate shots and puts undue stress on the wrist, elbow and shoulder joints.

- EVERY touring pro hits out in front of their body, which gives them the freedom to put whatever amount of spin they want to on the tennis ball, allows them to be more accurate and give them much greater pace on the shot than they would have otherwise. NONE of the aforementioned things is possible to do using a continental grip for your forehand.

- We are going to use either an eastern or a semi-western grip.This will allow us to take the ball out in front of our bodies, so we can really start doing some wicked things to the tennis ball!