Secrets Of The Power Serve Part 2

Hitting a big serve is no mystery - seriously. It's simply taking your motivation and the knowledge I am imparting to you and applying it through practice! In part 2 of this video, I go through the drills that will get YOU hitting a bigger serve TODAY!

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Course Outline and Notes

Notes for Secrets of the Power Serve Video 2:

- When progressing upward to our knees, it is critical to remember that you have EARNED the right to move up! You are developing a skill, and once the skill is mastered we move forward!


- Continental, used for flat serves

- Eastern, used for topspin serves

- Semi-western, used for severe kick serves

Strong Side Drill:

- The 'Strong Side', or 'One-Leg' drill will give you the feeling of what the pros feel when they unload from the right side of their body into the tennis court.

- It will give you balance and teach you how to unload efficiently into the tennis ball.

- Most importantly, this drill will teach you to become responsible for what it is you want to achieve! 🙂