Secrets Of The Power Serve

This is the first DVD I ever filmed back in March of 2009. Totally old school with only one camera and actually shot onĀ tape. BUT...this is THE video that will show you how to hit your serve with POWER. In it, I explain and demonstrate *EXACTLY* how to hit a smooth, POWERFUL serve. Where does power come from? How is it efficiently channeled to the tennis ball? More importantly - how can YOU do it? You'll find all the answers in this video!

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  • Duration: 12:30
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Course Outline and Notes

Notes for Secrets of the Power Serve Video 1:

- Pronation is the key to all power on a serve - period.

- All the things you do prior to contacting the ball are in order take the stored potential energy in your body and release it as kinetice energy when you pronate.

- You want to keep your arm very loose as you do this.

- The lower body isolation drills will help you get the feel of pronation.

- During these drills, we keep our elbow up, eyes up, perform a good toss and pronate upward.

- The 'Statue of Liberty', or 'Stop At The Top' drill will help you improve your toss.