The Flat Serve - How & Why!

The serve - the most important shot in tennis! The only shot in tennis that allows YOU to decide where the ball will be when you strike it and that let's YOU win a point without your opponent ever even touching the ball! Let's dive into turning this 'King Of All Shots' into YOUR secret weapon!!!

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Course Outline and Notes

Key points to remember for video 1 on the flat serve:

The toss:

- We want to 'take' the ball to our desired contact point, NOT 'throw' it to our contact point.

- We want to be tossing the ball INTO the court, NOT straight above our head and body.

- We want to release the ball only when our arm is completely extended upward. This gives us accuracy and consistency with our toss.

- We want our hand to act as an elevator platform.

- Placing a target on the ground will help you to discover how truly consistent your toss is now and act as a gauge to see how much your toss is improving!