The Seven Serve Death Moves - And How To Eliminate Them!

One of the best feelings in the world is walking out onto the tennis court knowing that you have a great serve - and that there's nothing your opponent an do to stop you from using it to win points! This course will be a big 'eye-opener' for you. I'm going to explain and demonstrate the seven "Death Moves" that tennis players make with their serve. I'm also going to explain and demonstrate how they work against you and why you need to eliminate them - forever - and demonstrate some drills that will allow you to do just that! By the time you are done implementing this material, YOU are going to have a serve that is the envy of everyone that watches you play! Let's get to it!

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Course Outline and Notes

Key points to remember for video 1:

The Grip:

-Most recreational players use a continental for their forehands and ground strokes and an eastern/semi-western grip for their serves. This is completely backwards!

- NOT using a continental grip causes a bad toss, elbow drop and a wrist snap that does not allow us to hit up on the ball, get the proper spin for pronate for forearm to efficiently power a serve that can be hit hard AND land where you want it to go in your opponent's service box.