The Slice Backhand - How & Why!

Congratulations! YOU are about to discover the secrets to hitting a GREAT slice backhand - one that will allow you to change the pace of a point, recover during tough rallies, and attack your opponent like never before!

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Course Outline and Notes

Key points to remember for the slice backhand:

WHY we hit slice backhands:

- Digging out low balls our opponent has hit

- To keep the point going when on defense in order to stay in the point, i.e. when we are swung wide during a rally

- To mix up the pace of the point in order to throw our opponent off balance

- To attack our opponent with a low-bouncing ball when approaching the net

- When returning serve, either chipping and staying back or chipping and charging

HOW we hit slice backhands:

- We start with the proper grip, the CONTINENTAL grip, which gives us a penetrating shot and stays low when it bounces.

- The angle between the racket hand and the forearm should be about 90 degrees (The shape of an 'L')

- The hand that brings the racket up to prepare should be your non-hitting hand - this helps you not only prepare the racket, but also to get a good shoulder turn.

- We drive THROUGH the ball on a slight high-to-low plane, making sure that we don't lose the angle between the racket and our forearm.