The Two-Handed Backhand - How & Why!

Jimmy Connors. Andre Agassi. Rafael Nadal. Novak Djokovic. The Williams sisters. Champions past and present...and what do they all have in common? A GREAT two-handed backhand!!! In this 5-part course, you are going to discover not only how THEY hit a great two-handed backhand, but how YOU can do it too! Let's get started!

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Course Outline and Notes

Key points to remember for video 1 on the two-handed backhand:

In this intro video, we take a look at the most commonly used grips for both hands for the two-handed backhand.

- There are two main grips we use with our non-dominant hand (left hand if you are a righty, right hand if you are a lefty): the eastern or semi-western.

- The dominant hand would be using a continental grip.

- Using a semi-western grip will move your contact point farther out in front of you as compared to an eastern grip.