The Seven Serve Death Moves - And How To Eliminate Them! Part 2

In video two, we are going to look at how we need to be holding the racket when serve. Eastern? Semi-western? Continental? You'll know after watching this video! In addition, you're going to understand WHY only one of the grips mentioned above is the correct grip to serve with, and all the horrible things that go wrong when we DON'T use the correct grip!'ll also discover that WITH the correct grip there's NOTHING to stop you from hitting a KILLER serve! Let's go!

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Course Outline and Notes

Key points to remember for video 2:

The Toss:

- We want a firm foundation for the ball by locking the wrist in a cocked position. This creates a platform for the ball to move up and down vertically like an elevator.

- We cradle the ball gently while keeping our hand parallel to the ground and when the ball reaches eye level, we simply straighten our arm upward and open our fingers.

- This will keep the toss consistent and you will recognize this by the fact that the ball will not be spinning.

- Keeping our arm close our our body will ensure efficient movement and an accurate toss, much like a football quarterback and a baseball pitcher.

- You can practice this at home very easily!