A Father’s AWE

You’ve probably heard parents talk about their offspring, praising their deeds.

Not counting those who overestimate their child’s accomplishments, nor those who are overjoyed with pride, because they are more frequently than not the parents of children up to their early teen years.

Let me offer for your consideration the group I belong to, a group which is composed of parents of fully grown, mature adults.

Long past is the day of praise and joy.

What this member of the group has to tell is literally the AWE, after carefully observing the solid content of their son’s (yes, this is Mauro’s father writing) approach to the mission of sharing with others the result of his self-taught skill in combining the result of his personal experiences as a tennis player in tournaments; his tennis education under a coach as a teenager; his scientific and technical learning as a Physical Education graduate; his long term upgrading journey as a tennis coach; and last, embracing it all and giving it a unique unit, his ability to observe, connect facts with principles and draw conclusions.

All of these, I see, are offered to those willing to come, listen and apply what they have been taught to their tennis game, realizing that in addition to a perceptible improvement in the quality of their game (as well as a solution to their physical hindrance, if they had one), they have gained something particular to each and only felt by each individual.

If I have any pride because of Mauro, that is to be shared in conversation; if I have any joy seeing my son doing so well, that is to be seen looking at me; but as to being in AWE, that is to be committed by writing this.

– Zilmar Ziller Marcos

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  • Stephen Way

    April 27, 2011

    Yes, Mr. Marcos you have every right to be in AWE of your son Mauro. He changed my life through his wonderful teaching. I know that he truly loves to help many others to achieve their goals in life, and in my case, to exceed beyond them. So I have a lot to thank Mauro and the Marcos family for. Thank you, and your son my mentor & friend!
    Steve Way, Tampa Bay FL (PTR Certified Tennis Instructor)

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