His daughter is now ranked #8 in the nation!

Here’s an email we received this past weekend about our previous post:

“Great teaching lesson! You guys are the best in tennis industry.  I am myself a tennis pro and I have over 35 years tennis experience.  I am telling you, that your way to teach is simple, smart and so efficient.

My youngest daughter is playing tennis for the University of Michigan as #1 singles and doubles player and until yesterday she was #5 ranked in USA (now is #8).  So again, when I am saying you guys are awesome, it is based on my tennis experience with my own kids (all three had tennis scholarship in college, and two of them played pro) and some of my students who were top ranked nationally.

I do receive lots of e-mails from USPTA, regarding technical, mental, physical strength, etc…honestly your DVDs are by far the best. I do remember the way you teach the forehand, backhand, one and two-handers; especially using the alley with a target right at the center end; the powerful serve, etc….I always remember your DVDs. Thanks so much and keep improving American tennis.”


Nick Muresan

(I’ll do a little extra bragging for Nick here: His daughter’s name is Denise, and she was also named the NCAA Big Ten Athlete of the Week on Jan. 18th, and was NCAA Big Ten Player of the Year in 2010.)

It’s always great (and very humbling) to receive emails like this. But to be honest, it’s not all that surprising.

That’s not meant to sound arrogant, it’s just a confirmation of what we here at
The Tennis Vault already know; your DESIRE, plus the CORRECT TRAINING & APPLICATION will get you RESULTS 🙂

Congratulations to Denise for all of her achievements (She’s also a Two-time University of Michigan Athletic Academic Achievement award winner)!

And a big Thank You to you, Nick, for inspiring us to keep putting out our best for everyone!

Now get out there on the courts, and we’ll see YOU in the finals!

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  • Jun

    March 25, 2011

    When you have a USPTA certified teaching pro tell you this, that says it all. I’d sure love to have my son play D 1 tennis on a full ride scholarship.

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