Well…he’s the BEST tennis instructor I’ve ever had the pleasure to personally work with (and I’ve worked with quite a few…), and he has TONS of clients that feel EXACTLY the same way.

You need to get to know him, and the world needs to get to know him, so here’s where it starts (I’ll get to the why-you-should-care part in a little bit).

Here are some Tennis pros and VIPs that Mauro has had the opportunity to meet or work with:

Mauro and Stan Smith, shooting the instructional video Common Faults of Match Play by Prince in 1990.
Mauro and Grand Slam Champion Tennis Legend Stan Smith, shooting the instructional video “Common Faults of Match Play” by Prince in 1990.
Mauro and former World #1 Jennifer Capriati at Rick Maccis, where Mauro taught in the late 80s
Mauro and former World #1 Jennifer Capriati in the early 90’s. Mauro taught at Rick Macci’s International Tennis Academy in the late 80’s, where besides Jennifer, he also helped Rick coaching future pro Tommy Ho.
Mauro With Thomaz Koch, Brazilian Tennis Legend & World Top-Ten Player At Carlos Goffi’s Tournament Tough Tennis Academy.
Mauro with ole Nick Bollettieri back in the day...
Mauro with World Famous Coach Nick Bollettieri in Miami at the 2003 Sony Ericsson Open.
Mauro With Legendary Crooner & Tennis Fan Tony Bennett In N.Y.C.
Mauro never forgets why he teaches and plays this great game...because its FUN!
Mauro never forgets why he teaches and plays this great game…because it’s FUN!
Mauro & Warren Elgort Show That Tennis Rocks!!!

In his over 30 years of teaching the game of tennis, Mauro has also worked with world class tennis professionals, nationally and internationally ranked junior players, celebrities and the super-rich.

How does he get such A-list clients?

Simple: When you get your clients results like he does, the word spreads.

However, Mauro doesn’t limit his teaching to “High-Profile” clients.

He also teaches regular folks how to get the most out of THEIR game, and he does it very effectively.

Now for the short and sweet on Mauro:

Mauro started playing tennis at age 5 and was a nationally ranked junior in Brazil.  He also played college tennis, and got his degree in Physical Education from the University of  Sao Paulo in 1983, graduating 3rd in his class.

Mauro also did a stint as a Naval Officer and then started teaching tennis.

Mauro has taught just about everywhere from Sao Paulo Brazil to Massachusetts, from New York and New Jersey to Florida and from South Carolina to San Fransisco.  He’s worked under Rick Macci as well as for Carlos Goffi at his Tournament Tough Tennis Academy in Florida, where he was Head Pro of the elite Tournament Tough Summer Training Program, which focused exclusively on highly ranked junior tournament players.

He has taught tiny toddlers, super-seniors and everyone in between; he’s even taught developmentally disabled children as well as those with Spina Bifida and Down Syndrome.

What can I say?

The guy loves a challenge.

Not only that, but back in 1998 (just for the heck of it), Mauro decided to play in a few tennis tournaments just “for fun”.

The results?

Out of the six tournaments he played, he was runner-up in one and WON the other five tournaments. One of them was the South Carolina State Closed Championships, which he won one week after his lifetime tennis coach and grandfather passed away. Instead of mourning the loss, Mauro managed to play through the grief and won the state title which he dedicated it to his late grandfather.  He ended up ranked #1 in the State of South Carolina in the Mens 35s.  So the dude can actually play, too.

So why did I post all this stuff about Mauro?

Because you are going to be seeing A LOT more him soon, and I wanted to have the honor of introducing him to you before you get blown away by what – and how – he teaches.

When it comes down to brass tacks, there’s only one reason you should care about who Mauro Marcos is and it’s this:

Mauro has ‘been there and done that’, and will show you how you can get there too.

Get ready for a pretty cool ride!

– Coach Kyril

P.S.  Many of our Tennis Vault Members have taken one-on-one or group instruction from Coach Mauro. You can read his students’ stories and learn more about the services he offers by going here.

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